Amazing Stars Slots

Not all slot games are detailed with lots of appealing features. However, that doesn’t mean the more basic ones aren’t worth a try now and again. Amazing Stars slots nicely into the more straightforward end of things, and it is a fruity little slot with a few nice features to watch for.

What’s the deal with reels and paylines?

You’ve got just five lines in action here, and it looks as though you have to play the lot. That shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, though. Additionally, there are five reels.

What are the bets like on Amazing Stars?

You can start with a bet of two coins per line, and raise it to 2,000 coins per line if you are really feeling lucky. Interestingly, the jackpots (there are two of them) increase as you bet more as well, so you can see what might potentially be on offer.

Any particular symbols worth looking for?

The jackpot symbol is the number 7 in red. Five of these on a line wins you the jackpot. There is a scatter symbol as well, and this can pay out if you get three or more on the screen. If you manage to fill every single position with a gold jackpot star, you will win that particular jackpot.

It’s worth noting that as you adjust your bets, the winnings on the pay table will increase or decrease accordingly. So you can see exactly what might be on offer simply by checking out the options.

Does this online slot game have a bonus level?

The sum total of the bonus here is 10 free games. This is unlocked with the usual trigger – namely that you need three scatters on the reels to be awarded the freebies.

Download and play Amazing Stars slots today!

This is not likely to be a game that makes any real headlines. It is solid enough and provides a nice screen of symbols to look at. However, it is more likely to be suited to new players who have never tried playing an online slot before. If this includes you, it is a nice way to become familiar with the more regular features of a slot before you go on to try some other ones. All in all, Amazing Stars isn’t brilliant, but it certainly isn’t bad. What will your opinion be when you give it a try?