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Banana Jones Slots

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Banana Jones Slots
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Banana Jones is a unique online casino game. It's not your typical slot or table game. This one is going to prove to be incredibly popular with people looking for more of an arcade casino game.

The adventurous little monkey has found a temple full of treasure. In that temple is a crystal banana that's one of the most valuable prizes in the rainforest. Getting to the temple and finding the treasure is his goal. There's a leopard who wants to keep the monkey away. With the help of his snakes, he will try to keep the treasure from being found.

How the Game Works

Place your bet and roll the dice five times. You'll end up with a roll of 1:1 to 6:6 for a total of 2 to 12 on the two dice. Move the appropriate number of spaces along the board.

Here's where the game is very familiar. It's like Chutes and Ladders or Snakes and Ladders. If you land on a vine, you quickly climb the vine to a higher level. Landing on a snake's head has you sliding to the bottom of the snake.

How Do You Win Prizes?

If you don't land on a snake or vine, there are also diamonds. Collecting diamonds leads to cash rewards along the way. You need at least five diamonds to gain cash. After five rolls of the dice, you place a new bet. If Banana Jones makes it to the top of the temple, you spin the prize wheel.

Prizes on the prize wheel all lead to a cash reward. There's also a Crystal Banana Quest where you pick a chest and see what you've won. The max prize in this game is 2,565 times your bet.

Keep watching your favorite casino for Banana Jones. It's a fascinating game that has a paytable like a video slot, but the gameplay is completely different. You're going to love this casino game.


Typebonus, video
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.10
SymbolsBanana Jones
Bonus roundCrystal Banana Quest Feature, Treasure Wheel Feature
SoftwareReal Time Gaming
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