Out of this World Slots

If alien theme-based slots are your favorites, you are going to love playing Out of This World Slots, one of the best pay line slots produced by Betsoft. This 5-reel, 9-payline slot is so much fun to play and offers many surprises as well. Forget the traditional left to right or right to left game play, Out of This World Slots pays when two or more symbols appear either next to each other or in the diagonal. With a max bet of $45, it is worth every penny to go for the max bet considering that the payouts are enormous. In this slot, there are two aliens: one green and one purple. The green alien pops up at the bottom of the slot after each winning spin. Although there are only 4 main symbols, with the rest being cards, I would have liked to see more original symbols to replace these cards. Nonetheless, the 4 symbols is the key to winning huge payouts. The purple alien, when appearing 5 times, pays out 15,000 coins, while five of the green alien pays out 10,000 coins. But that’s just the beginning. To access the interactive bonus round, you need to collect three space ships. These will appear, one at a time, on the last reel. When you get all three, you will activate the bonus round in which you will be taken to a second screen. Here you will be asked to shoot down spaceships. There are 6 in all. However, each spaceship holds either a green or purple alien. The trick is to shoot down all spaceships with the green alien before you shoot down the spaceship with the purple alien. Once you do, the bonus game is over. I got to shoot down five of the six spaceships and was awarded a significant prize – over 500 coins. Now here’s a tip: while there are multiple coin denominations you can play, once you collect the first spaceship, I advise you not to change the coin denomination as you will lose that spaceship. Finish collecting the other two, then go on and chance your bet. Another thing, the max bet is $5, but I chose to begin with 50cents and work my way up to $1. In doing so, I doubled my winnings totaling 2000. So there is money to be made playing Out of This World Slots, and I recommend you play it for its total entertainment value.