Slots.LV 7 Bingo Variations

Is Bingo your favorite online casino game? Slots.LV Casino Bingo games are excellent and give you seven different options. Learn more about your choices that range from regular Bingo games in unique settings to Jackpot Bingo games where you can win thousands.

Introducing the Seven Bingo Games

The range of Bingo games at Slots.LV all use the same basic rules. Balls are drawn, and the computer automatically marks matches on your cards. If you're getting close to a win, the possible winning number is highlighted and marked with the cash you could win. This makes it easier to decide if it's worth purchasing extra balls for a longer game. Here are the seven online Bingo options.

#1 – Amazonia Bingo

Play up to four cards at once in this Amazon-themed Bingo game. The game has a progressive jackpot prize pot that's often valued at well over $7,000. If you fill your card after betting $1, you win $1,500. Completing one line gets you a $3 prize, and two lines pay $100. You're welcome to purchase up to 10 extra balls if you're close to winning.

When you complete the bonus pattern, play a pick 'em Jungle-themed bonus game for instant cash prizes. To win the entire jackpot, you need to get a Bingo with the first 30 balls and be playing all four cards.

#2 – Bingo Cataratas

Here's another jungle-themed Bingo game. Play up to four cards at once. On a $1 wager, prizes are $2 for one Bingo (line), $8 if you form a cross, $10 if you create a triangle, $50 if you make an "M," and $100 for two lines. The four highest prizes range from $150 to $1,500 and require you to get a specific pattern. Those patterns are at the top of the screen.

Has the round ended, and you're close to winning? Feel free to buy up to 12 extra balls. There's a bonus pattern that triggers the bonus round, too. In this bonus round, spin the prize wheel and win whatever is listed where the reels stop. It could be 5x or 500x. You never know until the wheel stops.

#3 – Bingo Goal

In this soccer-themed Bingo game, play up to four cards at once. It's automatically set with a $1 wager, though you can change it if you want to risk more. You can go up to $10 per card, which puts the jackpot well over $38,000. Prizes on a $10 wager range from $10 for four corners, to $1,000 for two lines, to $15,000 for the whole card. Complete the bonus pattern and enter the bonus round.

Like the other Bingo games, you're welcome to buy extra balls. The price of the extra balls can be pretty steep in Bingo Goal. On a $10 wager, the extra balls cost $103 and increase if your winning odds improve. The Penalty Kick bonus game is the bonus round. To win the whole jackpot, play all four cards and get a Bingo before the 31st ball is drawn.

#4 – Bingo Ribeirinhos

The Ribeirinhos are a group of natives in South America who make their home along the river banks. They're celebrated in Bingo Ribeirinhos. Like the other games, play up to four cards at once. On a $1 wager, the jackpot is almost $10,000. Prizes range from $1 for four corners to $1,500 for a filled-in Bingo card. Buy extra balls if you're close to winning, but be aware the prize goes up substantially if you're about to win.

Complete the bonus pattern and play the Fish Baskets pick 'em game. Pick baskets of fish from the docks and keep building up your cash prize. The game ends when you find the "Collect" symbol. To win the progressive jackpot, you need to get a Bingo within the first 30 ball draws.

#5 – Go-Go Bingo

Go-Go Bingo is more of a classic Bingo game. You have four cards you can play at once with betting options of 40 cents to $20. If you bet $8, prizes range from $6 for one line to $3,000 for a full card. There's no jackpot prize, but you can purchase extra balls if you're close to winning.

#6 – Pesca Bingo

This underwater-themed Bingo game gives you four cards to play at once. Bets range from 10 cents to $10 per card. With the max bet, it's possible to win up to $15,000 with a full card. The prize for one line is an impressive $30. The bonus pattern triggers the Fishing Bonus Round. Pick fishes and win cash prizes once you've found three matching dollar amounts.

#7 – Tribo Bingo

Tribo Bingo is a 31-ball Bingo game where you win up to $1,500 on a $1 per card wager. The game is tribal-themed and allows you to buy up to 12 extra balls if you're close to winning. In this game's bonus round, shoot arrows at the targets and win a cash prize for each shot. The game ends after you've made your third shot. Rewards can be substantial. On our $1 wager, we won $160 in this bonus round.

It Pays to Have Friends That Want to Play

The welcome bonus at Slots.LV Casino may only be for slots, but there's a way to get money to play Bingo for free. With the Refer & Earn bonus, every friend that joins the casino using your referral link gets you free cash. Whatever your friend deposits (up to $200) gets you a refer-a-friend bonus. If they use Bitcoin as their deposit method, you get an extra $25 on top of the 100%.

If your friend deposits $50, you get a $50 free chip to use on almost every game in the casino. If your friend uses Bitcoin to deposit $50, you get a $75 free chip. Play Bingo using that free casino money. Live dealer casino games are the only exception to this Refer & Earn bonus.

Here's the best part of the Refer & Earn bonus. You can refer as many friends and family members as you wish. If you get 20 of them to sign up and deposit, you get 20 times the free cash to play Bingo at Slots.LV. How do you get started with referrals? Join the casino, play for real money, and refer friends. Don't forget that Bitcoin deposits get extra cash!