Zimba and Friends

The Lion King movie is one of the bestselling favourites of all time and it's obvious that characters from it will find their way into slot games. Zimba and Friends Slots is no exception with a host of those famous jungle animals teaming up with Zimba the Lion who is the most adorable of them all. The new online slot from Arrow's Edge has given a lot to talk about in forum circles between slot fans, is this slot based on a present Disney Channel TV series for children? We are referring to the "Lion Guard" tv show based on the adventures of Zimba (from the Lion King movies) and his group of friends, they safe jungle animals from different threats thanks to their special animal abilities.

The online slot is very direct on the comparison, Arrow's Edge might even get in trouble for using the Zimba name on the title, considering this is a Disney trademark and one aimed to children. We have seen how online and brick and mortar casino have used Marvel comic book story lines for their online slot themes, and that seems like a partnership, but most of the time casino game developers simply avoid the trademark rights by referencing to characters and movies but they modifying the name. Aside from being controversial this title offers a neat graphic environment with great jungle sounds, video interactions after every high paying combination with animals making some type of funny dance, it's very entertaining. On the payout side there is a cool feature called "Grab and Win", sort of like a daily jackpot that falls more frequently than the usual jackpot. Grab and Win pays between $2.000 and $5.000 every single day and sometimes more than once. A super jackpot that pays above $60k can also be triggered along with a mystery jackpot only available for high rollers that stake more than $10k. This online slot can be found at Drake Casino and several other US friendly casinos.

Nova 7's Slot, the Weirdest Space Slot Ever

This game is quite similar to Zimba abd Friends although the setting is somewhat different. We have played online slots in the likes of Starburst Slots and Astrodice, space slots for some reason have been overrated and very few titles exist under this theme, my guess is the online slot community has been taken over by women who appeal more to the Asian and shopping themed slots. Nova 7 is a little weird compared to the other space slots, the theme is solar activity in the universe, so get the 9th grade science memories back. No sci-fi here.

Set on a barren asteroid we see a great deepness, beautiful and scary as hell. Transparent reels allows the player to experience the vastness of outer space. Planets, stars, comets and asteroids adorn the reel symbols, only to be spoiled by RTG's lack of soundtrack effects. This is a game you have to play on your mobile device on a cool and dark environment. Just plugin some dark music to play, mute the dumb and annoying reel sounds and get to that final frontier! As I played this online slot reminded me of Zathura, the Jumanji type movie.

5 reel with 3 rows and 25 pay lines makes for a standard game play with 3 types of Wilds, Solar Flare, Nova, Supernova and Hyper Nova. How this Wild's work is pretty amazing, obvious the Flare and beyond will act as jokers, but starting with the Nova the Wild appears on reel 3 with a 7x multiplier with the ability to flare, known as a Super Nova on the game and it takes the whole reel to find all possible combinations.

The Hyper Nova's does something crazy, these occur as an add-on to the Solar Flare, where the reel which is now wild may go hyper nova and transfer the wild reel to the adjacent reel. This is reel 2 - 1 and reel 4-5 as reel 3 can only ever contain the Nova wilds. Getting all of the Wilds on the screen with trigger a jackpot of 38,073x. This is one of the largest jackpots ever featured in the online slot world, with 10,000x to 20,000x as the maximum prize.

The game has a low hit ration from the player's point of view, small wins with the promise of large wins thanks to the Wilds, jackpot and 7 free spins. 7 free spins might sound a little low, but the payout has a 7x multiplier depending on the amount of Wilds. Use a small bet denomination on this one but cover all paylines to seek Wilds and bonus round. Wins will be very occasional and you will be on the losing side most of the game, but if you commit long enough the Wilds can make it worthwhile.

Zimba and Friends Review

What better way is there to escape your day-to-day life then by playing themed, virtual slot machine games? These kind of games can transport you to all kinds of amazing times and places. On one day, you roam around the majestic pyramids of the ancient Egyptian Empire in search for the treasures of Cleopatra, and on the next day, you find yourself battling earth-invading aliens in a spaceship. It is all possible thanks to the vast imagination of casino software developers. The company Arrow's Edge is one of those developers that can kick off an adventurous spinning journey.

Select a casino platform that has the games from Arrow's Edge on offer, sit down in your chair, grab a cup of coffee and think about where you will go today. I you like us to make a suggestion, then we highly recommend that you travel to Africa's beautiful and exotic landscape with the game Zimba and Friends Slots. This is definitely an environment that you will not see every day, but all of that is about to change.

Thanks to this slot game, you will now be able to go out into the wild whenever you like to, and you can do it without having to leave the comfort of your own house. It is a great way to get to know Zimba and his friends, and you will even have the opportunity to fill your pockets while you are roaming around in the lands of Africa. Spin the reels, enjoy the atmospheric music, listen to the sounds of the animals and enjoy the view. That view will be especially beautiful when you place the right symbol combinations on the reels, because cash rewards will then become available. These rewards can become as high as 1000 credits, and you can make your spins even more profitable with the help of various special features. Zimba and his animal friends are present on the reels, and they will help you to gain as much profits as possible.

Zimba and Friends Slots is the perfect game to play if you want to escape from reality for a while. It has all the elements that make a slot game great. The theme of the game and its symbols are a lot of fun, and you will constantly feel the exotic African atmosphere thanks to the pleasing background soundtrack. But in the end, it is of course all about making profits, and that is also a thing in which the game will not fail you if Lady Luck grants you her blessing. Who knows, you might even win so much money that you will be able to visit Africa in real life.