1 Hand Joker Poker at Cafe Casino

Finding games where the house odds are low doesn't have to be impossible. We've got great new. We found an outstanding casino game for players looking for low house odds. With 1 Hand Joker Poker at Cafe Casino, the house odds are minimal. The odds are definitely in your favor. This makes it easy to win.

Gameplay is ridiculously easy. You bet, deal, and hold cards of value. The goal is to get one of these combinations:

  • Kings or Better - Pays 1x to 5x
  • Two Pair - Pays 1x to 5x
  • Three of a Kind - Pays 2x to 10x
  • Straight - Pays 3x to 15x
  • Flush - Pays 5x to 25x
  • Full House - Pays 6x to 30x
  • Four of a Kind - Pays 20x to 100x
  • Straight Flush - Pays 50x to 250x
  • Royal With a Joker - Pays 80x to 400x
  • Five of a Kind - Pays 150x to 75
  • Royal Flush - 250x to 4,000x
  • Sequential Royal Flush - 500x to 20,000x

Say you've set the maximum coin value of $5 and get a four of a kind, you win $500 with that spin. If you're lucky enough to get a sequential royal flush, you'll win $100,000.

To play 1 Hand Joker Poker at Cafe Casino, start by choosing the coin value and number of credits to play. You can bet up to 5 credits with a coin value of 5 cents to $5. If you want the highest prize levels, play with all 5 credits. It's worth it. With the joker acting as a wild, you'll be winning cash in no time. Play now.