Chinese New Year Slots

Every slot game uses a theme of one sort or another, but some are clearly more successful than others. We’ve seen plenty of Chinese New Year-themed slots over recent years, and they show no sign of becoming any less popular. Here are three reasons why we believe they’ll keep on coming.

They tie in with the Year of the…

Add whichever animal happens to be the right one for that year. Some of the animals you’ll meet include the dog, the rat, the dragon, and the monkey. So, each year brings something different in a 12-year cycle. That’s plenty to keep lots of the game providers ready with ideas!

They’re colorful and have plenty of Oriental detail

If you love traveling around the world while you’re playing slot games, this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. The slots use lots of Chinese detailing to tie in with the theme, often featuring the other animals as back-up symbols. The relevant animal for that year is usually a wild symbol or other special icon to search for. However, in all cases, the games look sensational and create a different spin on the Chinese New Year theme.

You can usually find at least one game from each developer

Most software developers create games based on the most popular themes around – ones they know players are going to love. We can say that of the Chinese New Year theme for sure, hence why we usually manage to find at least one in the collection each developer offers. There are a few exceptions, but then other developers have this on their roster of releases for each year.

Have you found your favorite yet?

If not, you won’t be far away from it. It’s easy to look through the themed slots at your favorite online casinos to find some appealing games based on this superb theme. It’s a popular one to start a New Year with too, for obvious reasons. Make sure you try a few of them – most do have practice versions you can access – before finding one or two favorites.

And if you can, do what we did and try the games that relate to your year of birth. The writer of this piece is a rat… so, no comments there! Enjoy the games and see what you think might take the top spot in this successful slot game category.