Win up to 100 Times Your Bet in Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

Winni the Witch is back and this time she has a sister. In Bubble Bubble 2 slots, the sisters appear on the first and fifth reels. Get Winni on the first reel and your prize triples. Get Wanda on the fifth reel and the same thing occurs. If you get them to appear at the same time, sit back and watch your winnings soar with the resulting 9x multiplier.

In Bubble Bubble 2, there are three bonuses and a Win-Win Feature. Win free spins and special perks with the three bonuses: Greater Ghosts, Wilder Witches, and Ultra Bewitched. If you don't win anything in the Wilder Witches bonus, Win-Win comes into play and multiplies your original bet by up to 100.

With prizes worth as much as 9,000 coins, you don't want to miss this exciting new slot game. From the graphics to the payouts, everything about this video slot delivers a stunning experience.

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