Age of the Gods Series

Some slot themes are far more popular than others. The Greek gods certainly rank in that category, and there is surely no better series of slots to try than the Age of the Gods series.

Playtech created the original Age of the Gods slot game. However, they now view that title as the overarching name of the entire series. Yes, there are plenty more that fit the mold too, so if you play the original and like it, there is a great chance of loving the rest as well. We find out more here.

How many titles are there?

A lot! The original has spawned one of the largest series of slot games we can think of. We get to meet plenty more characters in Greek mythology too, not least Medusa in Age of the Gods: Medusa and Monsters.

We can also meet the King of Olympus, the Prince of Olympus, and the Fate Sisters in three other games. Other familiar characters you might meet along the way include King Midas and Apollo.

Some have four progressive jackpots

If an Age of the Gods slot includes these, you can expect to see them atop the reels. They go from the Power jackpot to the Ultimate Power jackpot, and that last one can reach six-figure sums.

They've also ventured into Norse mythology

Perhaps running out of Greek gods to feature in these titles, Playtech has also come up with some that head into Norse mythology. These titles mention Norse, so you always know where you're heading with them.

For example, Age of the Gods Norse: King of Asgard was the first in the series. This was followed up with the Ways of Thunder slot.

Try the original and see what you think

There is clearly plenty of mileage in this series of slot games. However, we think the best introduction to it is to play the original Age of the Gods slot game first. Once you've familiarized yourself with it, you'll be better able to head through to the other games. Later titles include assorted features and differences, creating a whole new series of games to try if you like your mythology. That is the one thing all these slots hold in common, thanks to the foray into Norse mythology along the way. It's a series you won't soon forget, for sure.