Beehive Bedlam slot from OpenBet Brings Sweet Wins

For better or worse, bees have been buzzing about and making big news lately. While we used to only think about bees stinging us or perhaps creating sweet delicious honey, it has now been brought to our attention that the tiny buzzing insects have been dying off, unfortunately, possibly due to pesticides. While a lack of bees might be great for a barbeque or for those who are allergic, and few people out there are likely to miss being stung, the bees dying off would be a huge problem. Bees pollinate our crops, which makes the plants we eat make fruit. This means bees are actually an invaluable part of the food chain which makes them integral to our food system, and even bee haters like to eat! Celebrate the tiny insects that bring so much food to our tables with the new slot machine game Beehive Bedlam from OpenBet. This game will being you more wins than a pack of bees. The maximum win while playing this game is $250,000! That can buy you a LOT of honey!

This game has a honey combed pattern for its reels, which is different that many other slot machine games and very pleasing to the eye. The animation is cheerful and colorful, which makes the game extra enjoyable to play. The creators of this game clearly had their eye on the details.

Connecting 5 symbols creates a win. Once you achieve a win, these symbols fall away and are replaced by others. This is a unique feature of this game that is unlike other slot machine games. Any touching symbols are considered connected, so you will not need to go all in one line or one diagonal to create a win. If the symbol that you connect is the bee keeper symbol, some honey will be added to your honey jar. Once you have filled up the honey jar you will get to play the Honey Jar bonus round. Here you will see gold coins begin to fly around the screen like bees! Collect as many as you can without falling victim to any of the obstacles you see.The game also differs from other slot machine games in that it comes with 15 achievements that can lead you to wins. The honey jar is just one option of literally 15!

Beehive Bedlam also features a progressive jackpot. This particular jackpot can be triggered during the Free Fall bonus round. In order to get to the Free Falls bonus round you need to connect three or more Free Fall symbols. When you hit this round, you will know just what to do. You need to highlight each of the letters in the word Jackpot to win the big bucks!

There is also a World Bonus round where you enter a video game like state and have to complete ten levels to finish each world. As you can see from all the aforementioned features this is no ordinary slot machine game! This game gives users so many ways to win and so many ways to have fun that it is hard to imagine going back to regular slot machine games. Perhaps you will love the variety and the options or perhaps you will be overwhelmed and unimpressed, but the only way to figure it out is to start spinning!