The Incredible Pixiu Slots

Just like all the other incredible slots games from Arrow's Edge, Pixiu Slots has a lot more to offer than the player first thinks when logging on to this game. There are three reels and five paylines. Players should carefully review the game before placing real money bets because there are a number of excellent features to the game that will add to their success. This slots game has four different levels, three progressive jackpots and a special bonus game. Chocolate Slots , License to Spin Slots , Zimba and Friends Slots and even Time Bender, all from Arrow's Edge do not have the same intensity that this Asian themed slots game offers although they also offer many exciting features that add to the excitement and success of the game.

Animated Symbols and Bonus Games

Every symbol in the Pixiu slots game is animated. There are fire birds that shoot flames, eagles that have rustling feathers, green and red dragons that move and emit sounds and many other symbols that create the atmosphere of the game. This game is made up of levels and every 25 spins the player climbs a level. The higher the level, the higher the payout rate and the greater the number of free spins the player can win. The bonus symbol is denoted by the gold coin and this offers high payouts in addition to being the trigger for the bonus game when three appear on the screen. Three gold coins take players to a new screen where they are invited to select either gold or jade coins. Each coin reveals a cash bonus amount that is immediately credited to the players account.

Free Spins and Progressive Jackpots

There are between 10-15 free spins to be won in this game also depending on the level that the player is at. The first level awards 10 free spins and the fourth level awards 25 free spins. Three different random progressive jackpots are also offered and can be won at any time when playing this game. The Cash Grab Slots Jackpot is won most frequently and has a lower value than the other jackpots. The Mystery Jackpot has a starting value of $10000 and the Super Slots Jackpot has the highest value and is constantly growing with every real money bet that is placed. Just like all the games created by Arrow's Edge Slots, Pixiu slots gives the player much more than he expected and offers hours of fun and rewards.