BitStars is Changing Their Name

A recent change that took effect immediately at BitStars when the BitStars team decided to move to a new .com domain name and the name has now changed to BitStarz.

The reason for the change is because the company decided to move into the real currency market instead of just focusing on crypto currency. The entry into the real money market necessitated the change to a .com domain.

Due to player loyalty over the past 9 months BitStarz has achieved exceptional growth and they intend to achieve greater heights.

Their adoption to the new name is a statement of their brand value and a commitment to be unique and different in their strategies with the intention of delivering a complete gaming experience. From now on, BitStarz is now offering bitcoin as well as real money deposit choice, this will give players a greater choice of depositing than ever before.

Another spin-off is the casino will be able to offer new game choices for the real money players and the casino expects this to increase by two-fold over the next month.

Because of these changes when logging into you will be redirected to the new domain at

This new name change does not affect your account and everything else related to BitStarz, it I only the name that has changed you will receive the same level of service excellence you have becomes used to under the old BitStars brand.