Bitcoin Network Fees Have Changed At Nitrogen

If you are new to Nitrogen or you've been around there for a while, it's worth knowing they've made some changes to the fee structure for Bitcoin withdrawals. The site once met the costs of withdrawal fees on the Bitcoin network, but late last year there was a spike in the total transaction fees seen on that network. As a fast-changing cryptocurrency, this is no surprise, but Nitrogen has had to respond to the recent changes.

Back in the middle of December 2017, the Nitrogen team announced there would be one free withdrawal granted for each player per week. However, given the recent history, this has now been amended to one free withdrawal every two weeks. If a player claims this free withdrawal and then wishes to make a second one via Bitcoin in the two-week period, there will be transaction fees involved. At present, they won't be flat fees. Instead, they are to be set close to the true market value at that time.

This means additional withdrawals during a fortnightly period may incur different fees depending on what is happening within the market at that time. For more information, check out the Nitrogen website now.