New Karate Pig Slots

Karate Pig slots is a new game for 2012, and it's sure to make you squeal with delight. The game is inspired by Asian culture and offers something few games achieve. They say pigs don't fly, but they certainly do when you click spin. Watch carefully where the reels stop! With 40 paylines, the odds of winning in the new Karate Pig Slots is pretty substantial.

Karate Pig Symbols

Every symbol in Karate Pig captures Asian culture in a cartoon form. Many of the symbols feature Karate Pig in one of his roles. There's the colorful sushi bar, the muscular Karate Pig samurai, the bonsai tree, the tea ceremony, the musician Karate Pig, and Karate Pig indulging in sake all fill the reels. The Karate Pig scatter symbol has the classic Yin-Yang symbol in the center helping it to stand out. Each symbol brings a smile to your face as the reels spin and Karate Pig sets off in hopes of entering a bonus challenge.

When the reels stop on three or more Karate Pig scatter symbols, you earn a trip to one of the bonus games: Hammer Bonus or Pork Chop Bonus. There's another scatter too. If the Golden Swan scatter lands on the first and fifth reel, you earn 15 free spins with a 2x multiplier. The free spins can be retriggered.

Expanding Wild

In addition to the scatters, there is an expanding Karate Pig wild. This wild card spreads down a reel making it easy to win even more cash. Suddenly, with the help of the wild, your minimal win could turn into an impressive score.

Bring Home the Bacon in the Multilevel Bonus Games

The Hammer Bonus and the Pork Chop Bonus are multilevel bonus games. During each of the games, you start by choosing one of the hidden prizes. If you choose a prize, you move to the next level. The right choice really pays off.

Each time you earn a trip to a bonus round, Karate Pig earns a belt. Once seven belts are collected, you win a trip to the showdown. During this special bonus, Karate Pig fights his enemy and you reap the rewards.

Give Karate Pig a Spin

Check for special offers before you start playing the new Karate Pig slots . Many casinos offering this exciting slot game have something special up their sleeve. Once you catch wind of the promotions and bonuses, you'll be delighted to reap the rewards before you play Karate Pig.