Monkey Money Slots

The first thing I though of when I played Monkey Money Slots was the song: “Put da Lime in the Coconut.” This slot game is as fanciful as the song, but much more lucrative. A 5-reel, 9-payline bonus slot, Monkey Money Slots offers the player a wide range of lucrative payouts with minimal bets. I began with a 10 cent bet and capped at 25 cents. The reason why this is one of the best paying slots is because it pays out when two or more symbols appear next to each other or diagonally. Another reason is that the symbols offer high payouts, and there is a fun and hilarious bonus round wherein you can earn additional payouts. For example, get 5 gold coin symbols and win 25,000 coins; get 5 monkey symbols and win 15,000 coins; get 5 palm trees and win 10,000 coins; and the list goes on. Be sure to read the pay table to see what the other symbols pay out. To get to the Monkey Money Bonus Round, you need to collect three coconuts. Fortunately, the monkey stands below the slot machine and when the coconuts appear on the last reel, they drop into his arms. Get three coconuts and you trigger the bonus game. Here you will be taken to a second screen where four palm trees appear with two coconuts on each tree. Your aim is to select a coconut that is not a rotten one. So click on a coconut and watch as the monkey climbs up the tree and retrieves the coconut. When it falls to the ground, the prize amount is revealed. In case you were wondering, if the first coconut you choose is a rotten one, you still win a consolation prize. There are multiple coin denominations available, and you can choose whichever one meets your budget. But be careful, because if you change your bet amount after you have collected a coconut, the coconut will be taken away and you will have to begin over again. This is a colorful, fun, and lucrative slot game and I recommend you play it the first chance you get.