Midas Millions Slots

Completely new ideas in the slot game world are pretty rare. They all have a few reels and anywhere from one to thirty, or so, paylines. Companies spice them up with some really great bonus rounds and graphics, and, for most of us hardcore slot players, that is more than enough to keep us coming back. Midas Millions Slot, however, is a horse of a different color. It is, in the immortal words of Michael Palin, “Something completely different.”

Kingly Looks

When players log onto Midas Millions Slots, they are met with a movie of a rather beatnik looking King Midas sitting amidst his wealth of gold, at the conclusion of which the playfield is superimposed on this image. The whole look is quite whimsical and lighthearted, portending the fun that is to come.

In the upper right corner of the screen is a simple readout of the current win, and arrayed across the bottom of the screen are buttons that control the usual items – the amount of the bet and the spin, as well as a button that brings up the paytable and, as an elegant and personal touch, a button that changes the music being played or turns it off altogether. The layout is familiar enough to players of online slots, and readily accessible to first-time players too.

Millions of Combinations!

OK, not millions, but Midas Millions does boast over 100,000 winning combinations. This is due to the fact that, though considered a five-reel machine, the layout of Midas Millions is highly unusual: In lieu of five straight reels and a number of paylines listed down the sides, this game has hexagonal windows that are interlocked in a honeycomb pattern. Winning combinations do not have to play across the game, but may be combined in numerous patterns, afforded by the hex patterned windows. This is truly a fantastic new design option in slot game. It is similar in its look and quality of play to its Virgin Casino brethren such as Shaaark! Super Bet, Wild Wolf, Da Vinci Diamonds, Zuma Slots and Leprechaun’s Luck, Midas Millions’ design really sets it apart, even in this auspicious group of top end slot games.

Virgin Edge

This game is unique to Virgin Casino, a truly spectacular property with the unusual characteristic of having no download option at all. To play Midas Millions, players simply access the game page from the casino, click on the “Play for Cash” option, and get the reels spinning! Or, in this case, get the tiles flipping! This is a truly awesome game with fantastic wildcard functionality and hugely generous returns. The jackpots range up to 2000 coins, when the wildcard is in play. This is absolutely a game not to be missed by any serious slot player.