Lucky Sevens Slots

Lucky Sevens is a seven reel slot machine, meaning you have the ability to make your action as intense or as casual as you like. For every coin that you put in an additional pay-line is enabled. For example, 5 coins enable the first, second, third, fourth and fifth pay-lines. The sixth and seventh pay-lines are disabled. You can chose your individual bet (or coin) you wish to play from a wide number range, which gives you even more flexibility and control over your playing style.

There are 30 different winning combination's in Lucky Sevens, with 7 sevens paying out the maximum jackpot of $25,000 your bet. That’s an incredible winning potential.

Lucky Sevens is the perfect game for die-hard and casual players alike. It has more flexibility and control then most other games, and no mater what your playing style the payout potential is always huge.