Gold of the Gods Slots (Party Gaming)

A brilliant 5 reel, 20 payline standard slot from the production lines of Wager Gaming, Gold of the Gods Slots is also available at several other online casino gaming halls - such as Liberty Casino. Vibrantly golden and steeped in Central American legend and lore, Mayan motifs run rampant on the reels. The lush vegetation in the background serves to add to the overall pleasing scenery, but nothing looks better than the symbols that will give you gold.

Gold of the Gods slots is just a couple of months old - less than that, even - and is guaranteed to be one of the hallmark slots of 2014. Already, as 2013 comes to a close, it's been making waves in the online casino gaming community. This has been due to the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars the slot has paid out in just the few short weeks of its existence in select casino - which is easy to understand, given the $800,000 Progressive jackpot.

Deeper into Gold of the Gods Slot Theme

Although the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans were all magnificent Central American civilizations, the Mayans probably laid the greatest claim to untold golden riches, and Gold of the Gods Slots carries this hallmark. With symbols varying from ethnic tribesman, elaborate necklaces and golden emblems, this slot offers the full suite of attributes. There's a Wild symbol, a Scatter, Multiplier, Free spins feature and more. Wait until you get a load of the bonus games offering up free Multipliers to enhance your winning ways - and you're going to need all the chances you can get. The ancient Mayan gods have cast the land into darkness, and it's up to you to get the right combinations to make peace offerings and get them to return Maya to being the land of the rising sun.

Look for the High Priest symbol (the Wild) because 5 of them lands you in a payline worth 10,000 coins. The Sceptre of Gold awards players a Scatter pay in the right number, and the Eclipse casts darkness on the scenery, ushering in a bonus potential consisting of stone tablets and the hidden prizes beneath them. These prizes can be anything from cash to Multipliers and Free Spins. Talk about light out of the darkness…

Finally, it is in this bonus game of Gold of the Gods Slots that everything has the chance to come full-circle. Depending on what the stone tablets offer, the gods themselves will be appeased and lift the dark veil from the land. Other than the 5 High Priest symbols rewarding a payout of 10,000 coins, it doesn't get quite this good for your pockets again if this happens. Play Gold of the Gods Slots today at select online casinos by downloading now.