City of Gold Slots

El Dorado, the city of this legendary golden king was until recently considered a myth. It is the story of a tribal chief, priest of the Muisca, who covered himself with gold dust and dove into a lake of pure mountain water. Before he could be crowned the new ruler, he secluded himself in a cave until his first journey to the great lagoon of Guatavita. His people made a raft of rushes and put on it four lighted braziers in which they burned incense and perfume. While the braziers burned, the heir stripped and was covered in gold dust. He was placed in the raft with treasure and four subjects. They sailed to the centre of the lagoon; in silence with banners raised, and offered the treasure to the lake. Then as the raft returned to the shore his people shouted, played instruments, sang and danced. The new ruler was celebrated as lord and king. El Dorado, the lost golden city of South America has eluded explorers for centuries but now you can discover the city’s treasures in this brand new themed slot. Be the first to give it a spin. Come and play City of Gold Slots !

City of Gold Slots - Treasures Abound

When a people throw gold and jewels into the river, you know they have some to spare. And it’s yours for the winning. City of Gold Slots has a Jackpot equal to $180,000. Coin values give you a treasure house of choice from $0.01 to $10.00. And the betting ranges from $0.01 to $250.00. With the click of the spin button, all of the city’s treasures and jungle’s secrets will come to life in symbols on the five reels.

25 Lines

Your eyes will be sparkling as they reflect all the gold of this fantastic new 25 line slot. And like royalty, you don’t have to keep track of each line; the game will do it for you and credit your winning combinations to you instantly. Try playing the maximum number of lines, this way you will never miss out on a winning line. And by playing the maximum lines, you know you are going to get the maximum payout when you hit the Free Spins.

The secrets of the lost city of gold are yours to discover in this exciting new game. The All New City of Gold Slots await you to anoint you in gold and crown you king.