Ghouls' Gold Slots

Up to now, I have not really enjoyed the 3x3 hold classic slot games. But Ghouls Gold Slots is quite different and can be put in the category of bet paying slots. While I didn’t do so well playing interactive bonus games using arrows and space buttons, this game made me feel a sense of accomplishment in that I was able to not only play this interactive bonus game, but win as well. Ah, it’s a good feeling. Ghouls Gold Slots offers a 500-coin jackpot, has a wild symbol and a bonus game that I know you will enjoy. Ideal for slot players for all seasons, this Halloween theme-based slot is fun and offers an interesting challenge. With its unique symbols, the hold buttons are located at the bottom of the reels, allowing you to hold any of the first three symbols that appear first at the bottom. As with other 3x3 hold slots, if a special symbol doesn’t appear on the bottom reels for you to hold, then spin again and wait for the wild symbol or the Ghost symbol which activates the bonus round. Also notable is the bag of gold symbol which will win you the progressive jackpot if you get all three. This $1 slot is well worth betting the max of $15 per spin if only to get to the bonus round. I promise you, it’s a winner. Whether you play Ghouls Gold Slots now or on Halloween, rest assured you will become hooked on the very special slot game.