Fluffy Paws Slots

Fluffy Paws Slot is about three different lovely cuddly, pets, the cutest Bunny with sparkling blue eyes, the most adorable Kitty with big beautiful green eyes and the loving Puppy with a beautiful innocent face! You will find this game very entertaining, dynamic, user friendly, with great graphics and a really nice sound track. This cool Slot consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines and the awesome thing that makes this such a fantastic game is that you have to select which pet you would like to set as your main character, and since each pet offers different types of bonus features, you will have to give all three a shot and see which one you enjoy the most! It’s almost like three slots in one. However, keep in mind that you always have the option to change your character at your convenience. You will find it a very friendly to play Slot, easy to navigate and as soon as you have selected your pet you simply have to choose your bet amount, and select the Pay line, then all you need to do is sit back and press that Spin button!

Features not to be Missed!

As I mentioned previously each of these gorgeous little pets offer different bonuses. Let’s begin mentioning Bunny’s Bonuses, whenever your bunny gets hungry and catches a carrot you will win 10 Free Spins, and the bonus gets better if your bunny falls in love, ahh, how sweet, because you will be awarded with 5 Free Spins and all winning are going to be doubled. When the playful Kitty catches a mouse you will receive 8 Free Spins and as every Kitty loves to take naps from time to time, while your Kitty is sleeping you will get the Expanding Wild symbol on the next 5 spins. You are also going to receive 5 Free Spins with the fun loving Puppy when he randomly lets’ out a bark at the dog on the reels. This Puppy however can get very naughty at times and will try to find the hidden bone that the neighbor's dog has kept for later in your garden, but don’t worry about having your garden destroyed by all his digging and throwing around of soli, because if he finds the bone your bet can be multiplied by up to 200 Times!

Get Your Paws on this Great Game Now!

Fluffy Paws is simply a fun game to play with the three pets offering up so many options it’s unreal. The graphics will put a smile on your face and there are some great features and prizes to take away. It’s a treat to play, so pick a pet and get spinning.