Coyote Cash Slots

Coyote Cash slots is a Western-themed progressive slot game. The basic story is that there's a bank robbery taking place, and the coyote is determined to get away with the cash. Officer Eagle is equally determined to make sure that doesn't happen.

The sounds are entertaining. The music reminds you of the old cartoons, and animated symbols match the sounds, such as the gun shot or jingling gold coins. Matching the sounds, the symbols also remind you of older cartoons with bright colors and plenty of artistic detail.

Customize Your Wager

With many reasons to play Coyote Cash slots, it's the bonus feature and progressive jackpot that stand out. However, there's far more to like in this grab cash slots game. There are 25 paylines, so winning comes easy, even if it is a smaller prize.

Bets range from a penny to $5 per coin, and you can bet on up to 25 paylines. It's easier to win if you've activated all paylines.

Symbols in Coyote Cash Slots

The coyote in the game is likely going to remind you of the coyote from Looney Tunes. Like Wile E. Coyote, this one gets himself into some pretty bad situations and ends up hurting. The big difference is that this coyote is after cash, not a roadrunner. When he helps create a winning payline, enjoy the doubled prize. By himself, he's worth 10 to 10,000 coins. On a $5 coin value, the $50,000 prize is mighty tempting.

The wooden poker symbols range in value from 5 to 100 coins. Three matching symbols on an active payline is all it takes to win. With the coyote added in the prize increases to up to 200.

All remaining symbols need just two symbols in order to win. For the skull and cactus, prizes are 2 to 500 coins. The bank truck is worth 2 to 750. The rattlesnake is worth 3 to 2,500. Officer Eagle is worth 5 to 5,000.

Loot Bonus Feature

The jingling bags of cash trigger the bonus feature. The bags of cash are the game's scatters. They're worth a little money, but become far more valuable when the reels stop and reveal three of these scatters.

After landing three scatters, you win 20 free spins. If you had three scatters, you get a 2x multiplier. Four scatters is worth 3x, and all five is worth 4x.

Randomly Awarded Progressive Jackpot

Don't overlook the progressive jackpot in Coyote Cash slots. The jackpot is worth thousands, often climbing in excess of $10,000. As it is randomly awarded, you can easily spin the reels a few times and suddenly gain a huge windfall in one shot.

Find Coyote Cash slots in the best paying casinos. The game is available to U.S. players. If you want other western-themed slot games, try the no download Liberty Slots casino or Drake Flash Casino .