Derby Jackpot

Horse racing has long been considered a staple of the gaming industry, and some even call it the sport of kings; at Derby Jackpot, players can enjoy this kind of entertainment whether or not they've previously explored the hobby. To learn more about how Derby Jackpot has put a new spin on a centuries-old tradition, read on.

Horse Racing Anytime and Anywhere

Lack of access to a racetrack is often the reason that people don't play the ponies, but Derby Jackpot solves the problem by making horse racing accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Derby Jackpot brings multiple tracks from around the world to one place, making it easy for anyone to wager on the races.

Plentiful Betting Options

Not only does Derby Jackpot make horse racing accessible, it also makes wagering simple and easy. Bettors may choose from six wagering options and either select or randomly generate the horse or horses being wagered on. Experienced bettors will also notice that while the wagers have unique names, they also mimic traditional betting options. Wagering options include:

  • Monkey: Bettors choose a horse to win; if the horse that is selected finishes in first place, the bet will offer a payout.
  • Donkey: A horse is chosen by the bettor; if the animal finishes in either first or second place, the bet is a winner.
  • Granny: Similar to the Monkey and Donkey wagers, the player chooses a horse in Granny. Players simply wait to see if their chosen horse finishes in first, second, or third place; if it does, the bet offers a payout.
  • Gonzo: Two horses are selected; if those horses place first and second in any order, the bet will be a winning wager.
  • Fiddy: In this bet, players are asked to select three horses and to choose the order in which they will finish; if they finish in the exact order chosen, the bettor wins. This wager is traditionally known as the Trifecta.
  • Dime: The Dime is similar to the Fiddy, but the bettor must match the first, second, third, and fourth places to win. This bet is a bit more challenging, and is typically known as the Superfecta.

Learn the Ropes with Practice Play

If you're not quite ready to spend real money on betting at Derby Jackpot, the practice play option may be right for you; this is an excellent way to learn more about the betting options and to get a feel for the rules before spending your hard earned cash on the ponies.

Visit the Track without Leaving Home

Derby Jackpot works hard to make horse racing accessible to those who don't live near a traditional racetrack; it also provides bettors with the opportunity to wager on races all over the world, which makes the sport more entertaining for both novice and veteran gamblers. The betting system used at Derby Jackpot is simplified to ensure ease of use for those bettors with little or no experience with horse racing, and it's based on traditional types of betting that seasoned players will recognize. If you're an online gaming hobbyist, you won't want to miss the unique experience that is available at Derby Jackpot.