Wizard's Castle Slots

No, this slot game has nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz, but more about the four elements: earth, fire, air, and water. Wizards Castle Slots is a fascinating slot game in that the reels don’t spin, but rotate. The rotation is activated by the Wizard who floats to the left of the slot machine and waves his wand in the direction of the reels with each spin. This 5-reel, 9-payline slot offers you the opportunity to earn significant payouts. What I truly like about this game, besides getting 5 bonus games within 10 minutes, are the symbols. They are rich in design and the sound effects are simple muted notes that do not distract the player. The scatter symbol will pay out 500xs your bet when appearing five times anywhere on the reels. The wild symbol pays out 2000 coins when appearing five times. But it is the bonus game that is well worth betting the max of $45 in this slot game.

Let’s "Scroll" to the Bonus Round

When you get all four elements in a row on any active pay line (be sure to bet the max!), you will trigger the bonus round. The Wizard will wave his wand and the reels will turn into a screen where six scrolls appear. Your task is to choose one and collect your prize. This is a neat bonus round and one that will occur many times during the course of your game play. The scroll prizes vary according to the trigger bet, but I can tell you that because this round happens more than most other slots, you can collect lucrative winnings. Be sure to view the pay table to see all the symbols and their payouts, and read about the bonus features as well. I recommend you play Wizards Castle Slots for its stunning symbols, muted sounds, excellent payouts, and bonus round.