Vegas Party Slots

Ready for the party of your life? Well while Vegas Party Slots can't promise you a one way ticket to the city of sin, it can assure you a thrilling and fast paced slot game from the comfort of your laptop. Vegas Party Slots is a tight virtual slot game with crisp and bright graphics almost reminiscent of the extravagant casinos in Las Vegas, well almost. The symbols and interface are 2D and simple, something that is becoming rarer in this over the top technological world. But with a crisp 2D style, Vegas Party Slots is a fast rolling wallet packer of a slot game and features symbols you will be familiar with without the need of a help manual. From the iconic Margarita glass, a fancy car, Jack, Queen, Ace, and an array of brightly designed numbers. Needless to say Vegas Party Slots will bring the party and the thrill to your home,

Place your Wager

Even with the most beautifully crafted slot games with their 3D graphics and celebrity soundtracks, the most important feature for any gambling game is its payout. Luckily for all, Vegas Party Slots doesn't disappoint. The game allows players of all calibers to spin its reels and caters to all equally across the board. With bets per line varying at $.01, $.05, $.25, $.50, $1.00, and $5.00. This broad range of betting amounts allows a truly diverse style of play whether your a high roller or just the new kid on the block. The lowest bet per spin lies at $.25 and the largest at $125. This means that the while the lowest jackpot you could hit is $1500 and the highest you bank in on is at $45,000. Big difference right? But this game doesn't pressure you for higher wagers, ease your way into the commotion of the party!

A Wild Little Logo

Sometimes game branding is sort of boring, but the logo symbol of Vegas Party Slots is also the wild symbol. So you will find yourself crossing your fingers after each spin of the reels in anticipation for the little guy to appear in your combinations. If a wild appears in your winning combination as a substitute it will also double the paid amount. The scatter symbol is the car. This sweet ride will add a multiplier to your initial bet from 2x, 4x, 15x, or a whopping 100x the originally bet!

It's time to Join the Party

While Vegas may be a dream to many, you can at least envision its crazy parties from your keyboard and mouse. Vegas Party Slots offers a complete package of slot goodness that will have your wallet thanking you with each and every spin.