Triple Crown Slots

If you were to walk into a land-based casino right now you would find a classic slot called Triple Crown Slots. Quite coincidentally, if you were to look for this slot online, you would also find it at our recommended casino and look at it twice because it seems so realistic, like the one you found in the land-based casino. This is what makes Triple Crown Slots one of the best paying slots in the 3-reel, 1-payline genre. Take a closer look at the bottom of the slot and you will see displayed these words: This machine accepts $1 $5 $20 $50 $100 Bills. Insert bills into slot. Next to this is the slot and above it says $1 to $100 Face Up. This is what a traditional slot looks like. As for the online Triple Crown Slots, it looks like a real slot machine, has the handles to pull down just like a real slot machine, and has the high dome with the payable on it – just like a real slot machine. The only difference is that you can play this slot online. As for the slot game itself, it has a max bet of $5 per spin which you will want to play if you want to win the 5000-coin jackpot when all three Triple Crown Logos appear. If not, you can win the first prize of 1000 coins or the 2nd prize of 2000 coins when you play one or two coins, respectively. This is a fun and very easy slot game to play and will no doubt reward you with many payouts during the game. The signage makes sure you understand that in order to win the 5000 coins, you have to bet the max. Certainly $5 per spin with the possibility of winning $5000 is quite enticing. So now that you’ve advanced into the big leagues of 3-reel slot play, I recommend you go for it and play Triple Crown Slots.