The Bees Slots

I don’t particularly like bees because I was stung when I was a kid. But I have to say that playing The Bees Slots reduced my angst because the two main character bees are cute as buttons. Maxwell and Beatrice are their names and as adorable as they are, they are the key to winning lucrative pay outs in this slot game. The Bees Slots is a 5-reel, 9-payline slot with various bonus features. The symbols are very colorful, yet muted, which is a good thing because other than the two main characters as well as the beehive and The Bees Logo, the rest are all different colored daisies. Play too long and one can get a bit dizzy. But getting back to the game, there are multiple coin denominations you can choose from, which is a good thing because unlike other slots in this genre you don’t have to collect any symbols so you can change the denominations at anytime.

Bonus Symbols and Bonus Game

The bonus symbols are wonderful and pay out in high numbers. The barrel of honey is the scatter symbol and will pay 2500 coins when you get all five. There is a wild symbol, which is an awesome symbol in that any two like symbols appearing next to or diagonal from the wild symbol pays out huge. Get five of these wild symbols in a row and the reel launcher will be triggered causing the icons to produce random wins. The bonus game, however, is one I think you will enjoy especially if you have great eye-hand coordination. It is an interactive bonus game. In order to activate it, Maxwell, the Bees Logo, and Beatrice must appear in this exact order on reels 2, 3, and 4. Once this happens, you are taken to a second screen where you will be given instructions on how to play this bonus round. You will need to use the arrow on your keyboard. The object of the game is to first choose either Maxwell or Beatrice, then another screen will appear I which either character chosen will be flying through the air and you have to navigate him or her to collect flowers. But there is a roadblock in the way in that will cause your chosen bee to falter and the round will end. Take my word for it; you have to play it to believe it. The Bees Slots will keep you challenged, pay out regularly, and give you the opportunity to buzz your way to lucrative payouts.