Whale O' Winnings Slots

Whale O' Winnings Slots
Here are some things that help Whale O' Winnings slots stand out. The graphics are fun. Ollie the Orca floats at the side of the reels cheering you on. Bubbles rise to the water's surface. Symbols bounce and spin when you win a prize.

$125.00 is the most you'll ever pay when all lines are activated. That's with the maximum coin value of 25 cents and 10 coins bet on each of the 50 pay lines. Drop the coin value to a penny and pay no more than $5.00 with each spin of the reels. With any wager, you stand to win up to 7,777 coins on one line.

Here Are the Prizes You Can Gain With Each Spin

The wild orca is the highest paying symbol. Ollie pays up to 7,777 coins when he is on all five reels. The treasure chest and seal are next with top payouts of 2,500 and 1,000 coins, respectively. The bag of cash, seashell, and sand dollar pay as much as 750, 600, and 500 coins.

The other symbols don't pay as much. The sea urchin pays up to 300 coins. Go down to the 9 and 10 and you'll only get up to 60 and 75 coins, respectively. While these prizes may be lower in value, all it takes is Ollie to make them very rewarding.

Ollie is a wild symbol. Each time he helps form a winning line, he'll triple your prize. That 60 coin prize with the 9 symbol increases to 180 coins. That means Ollie and the treasure chest together can pay up to 7,500 coins.

What About the Free Spins Bonus?

There's no payout with the dolphin, but he does trigger free spins. Get three dolphins and win 10 free spins. Four dolphins lead to 15 free spins. All five deliver 50 free spins. No matter how many you get, all free spins include a 2x multiplier.

With the graphics and music, it's easy to get lost in Whale O' Winnings. You can play for a penny and still win as much as 7,777 coins on just one line. Imagine adding that amount to other winning lines. That's an impressive gain for such a small wager. Find this underwater slot today. It's an easy and rewarding video slot you shouldn't miss.