Luck of the Irish Slots

Luck of the Irish slots has three reels and coin values ranging from 10 cents to $10. While it may seem basic at first glance, it adds a little extra to the feel of a classic slot. Win a trip to the bonus game or walk off with the biggest prize that totals as much as $24,000 if you've bet all three credits and set your coin value to $10.

Your Winnings Depend on Your Bet

Before you spin the reels, you need to place a bet. Start by picking one, two, or three credits. I advise picking three. You'll be playing for bigger prizes and have access to the bonus feature.

Next, choose your coin value. You can go as high as $10, so you'd only be risking $30 per spin. If that's too much for your comfort, even a $1 bet would lead to the potential prize of $2,400.

Symbols in Luck of the Irish include shamrocks, bars, pints of green beer, and pots of gold. Shamrocks offer a token payout when you get one, two, or three on a reel. With a one credit bet, you win 2x, but if you risk two or three, it doubles to 4x.

Next up are the single, double, and triple bars. A mix of them pays 5x or 10x. Single pay 10x or 20x on a one or two/three crediager. Double bars pay 25x or 50x. Triple bars are highest at 40x or 80x. Mugs of green beer pay 80x or 160x.

The pots of gold are worth the most. If you get them on a one or two credit bet, you win 800 or 1,600, respectively. The three credit bet is worthwhile as it pays 2,400. Pots of gold are also wilds that pay two or four times your winnings if one or two of them help form a winning combination.

How the Bonus Game Works

Get the leprechaun bonus symbol on the pay line and play the bonus game. You're taken to a new screen where several leprechauns wait. Pick one and see how much you win. If you like it, keep it. If you don't, choose again to see if you can find something larger. Be warned that you only have two more picks.

Could the 2,400 coin prize be yours? The only way to find out is by spinning the reels. Play Luck of the Irish today.