Triple Jokers Slots

Slot game developer Pragmatic Play has a rewarding three-reel video slot to try. While you test it out, demo play is an option. When you're ready to play for real money, betting options are 1 to 50 cents on the 5 paylines. You can bet up to 10 credits per line. At the very most, your bet will cost you $25 per spin. Considering that bet can lead to a $5,000 prize, it's minimal risk for such a gigantic payout.

Triple Jokers Slots has a classic slot theme creating the game design and symbols. While there are just three reels, the five paylines help the game stand out. The bonus round is the real reason you need to try this game.

The Spin Until You Win the Free Spins Bonus Round

Get three jokers on a reel together and win the bonus feature. The bonus video slot game has the reels continue to spin with those jokers frozen in place until you get a win. If you're lucky, you'll get three of the wild jokers and win the top payout.

Here's a Look at the Paytable

How substantial are the payouts on the Triple Jokers paytable? Bet all 10 credits per line and this is what you can win. You have to have three symbols across one of the five lines in order to win. Get those symbols on more than one line and each winning line pays the listed prize.

  • Three Diamonds – 50 coins
  • Three Clubs – 100 coins
  • Three Hearts – 150 coins
  • Three Spades – 250 coins
  • Three Bars – 500 coins
  • Three Bells – 1,000 coins
  • Three 7s – 2,000 coins
  • Three Jokers – 3,000 coins
  • Three Wild Jokers – 10,000 coins

Where Does the Game RTP Stand?

The slot game rating in terms of volatility is high. It may not pay out as often as some would like, but when it does, the payouts are substantial and higher payouts happen in a shorter span of time than other games. You cannot bet more or less than 5 cents to $25, so you'll never spend too much per spin, For that, the game RTP comes in at an impressive 96.51 percent.

Whether you play to play for real money or play for fun, you'll find this game to be very enjoyable. Slot game winners embrace a top prize of $5,000 with the Triple Jokers. Play it today online or thanks to mobile play or Android/iOS.