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Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots

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Goblin's Gold Wild X Slots
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Goblin's Gold Wild X slots is a lot of fun. It's a three-reel game, but the bonus round is certain to please. The game involves multiple levels of board game action.

Starting out, you need to bet up to three credits and set the coin value at a penny to $5. Here's the deal, you want that three-credit bet. Don't bother with the other two. The bonus game is only available if you bet all three credits. With coin values that start at a penny, you can keep your bet small but still have all three credits in play.

What You'll Win With a Three-Credit Bet

The following prizes are available when you bet three credits. Cherries start things off. Get one and win 4 coins. Two and three pay 10 and 20 coins. Bars are next. There are single, double, and triple bars. A mix gets you 10 coins while a line of single bars pays 20 coins. Double bars pay 40 and triple bars pay 60 coins.

Sometimes the bars have an arrow on the top. If this happens, the reel nudges up one space to put the bar symbol on the pay line.

The 7 symbol is next. Again a mix of 7s pays 80 coins while all blue pay 120 coins. If you get all red, you win 160 coins. The final symbol in the game is the Triple 3X Wild. It pays 2,500 coins when it fills the line. In comparison, if you've only bet one credit, the top prize you'll get with the three wilds is 1,000 coins.

The Value of the Triple 3X Wild

The Triple 3X Wild symbol is a wild. It's worth the most when it fills a line. It has value when it appears once and twice on a line, too. If you have one wild helping form a winning combination, your prize triples. If two help you form a win, your prize is multiplied by nine.

You'll Have a Blast in the Treasure Quest Bonus

Get the bonus goblin on the third reel and play Treasure Quest. In this bonus game, you're working your way around a game board. Click the spinner and the goblin advances that corresponding number. There are pitfalls along the way that you want to miss.

When you land in safe spaces, you earn cash prizes. Some squares are mysteries with unknown traps or prizes. Some have tokens that help you advance to the next level in a hurry. If you can make it to the very top of the board, you win 5,000x.

Look for Goblin's Gold Wild X slots now. It doesn't require a lot of cash, even on the maximum bet. Plus, the prizes really pile up. Play now.


Coins per line1
Coin size$0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00
Max Bet$15
SymbolsBags of Gold, Bar, Lantern
SoftwareWager Gaming Technology
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