Wealth of Monkeys Slots

With this title in play, you might guess the game has something to do with Chinese culture. You’d be correct in that assumption, because the monkey is of course one of the symbols you could be born under in their lore.

You will see other symbols in action here as well, but will the game as a whole offer enough to keep you interested and playing for a long period?

Reels and paylines

When you discover there are four reels in play and not a single payline in sight, you might wonder what sort of slot game this is. Hold on though – the idea is not to get matching symbols on specific lines, but to get at least five of each symbol if you can. In some cases, six matching ones are required to get a prize.

Bet amounts

You don’t have line bets, obviously, so you have to make flat bet amounts instead. The cheapest is just 20 cents, but there is a chance to head up as high as $200.

Wealth of Monkeys valuable symbols

The four top-valued symbols here all feature a cute little monkey in various poses. The top two need to appear at least six times on a spin to bring you a prize. The others, including a coin and what looks like it could be a fortune cookie (we’re not sure on that… it could be a boat, it’s an odd symbol for sure) only need to crop up five times.

Bonus features for Wealth of Monkeys

There is just one bonus feature included within the game. If you noticed, there is a column over on the left that would normally be another reel. Here, though, you can see it says 5MORE. This means you have five spins to complete before you reach the free spins feature.

The idea is that every time you have a non-winning spin, the countdown will go down one position. If you get five unsuccessful spins in a row, you get infinite free spins… at least until you do manage to win something. Then you go back to the paid spins round.

Download and play the Wealth of Monkeys online slot now!

As you can see, this slot is pretty easy to understand in terms of rules. Why not see if the monkeys could bring you some luck as you start to play now?