Pirate Isle Slots

We are all singing shanties of the seas with this incredibly impressive new online mobile slots game Pirates Isle. Pirates Isle takes on the pirate-theme and is a popular cinematic experience with innovative visual design and exciting immersive graphics. This game will have treasure, ghost pirates, and comedic relief all accompanied by the sound effects of a slot machine. This game is something for everyone to enjoy-- it's no wonder that pirates Isle is an incredibly satisfying journey through the open seas. This game is a must for all you treasure hunters out there and don't worry, there is no Davy Jones waiting for you at the end after this experience! Just loads of treasure and a lot of cash rewards!

Features and Bonuses

With fully animated icons and visually stunning designs, it's no wonder this game will be bringing in the gold. The game is simple, gather as many keys as possible to excavate treasure on a ghost island you are sailing towards. During your travel, you are also being tailed by a ghost, but don't worry, you can enjoy 300 free spins if you can collect all 5 keys he is after! You will also have opportunities for free spins through discovering treasure chests, discovering the pirate ghost, and uncovering the ancient treasure map. If you get 3 chests to appear during your spins, you will rack up to 15 free spins. If you are able to spot the pirate ghost you will be rewarded with a whopping 100 free spins. Not to mention, if you are able to uncover the treasure map you will be given a price along with triggering a new round of picks. Pirates Isle also comes equipped with a scatter symbol which can spike up the chances you'll strike treasure and be rich. This game promises so much entertainment and has so much for a player to do. Enable broadside features like ship-to-ship sea battles and unearth ancient treasure. Pirates Isle delivers a quality experience all coming from our very familiar name, RealTime Gaming. Aye!

A Pirates Life for Me

What it all comes down to is this pirate game promises excitement, fun, and loads of booty. This video slot offers instant play and is also available for download as well. All penny slot players and heavy hitters will be happy to know that this online slot will be a 5 reel, 25 pay line game. Set sails mateys', because this is a escapade you will not regret!