Khrysos Gold Slots

Khrysos Gold slots is a mythology-themed slot with 20 paylines on the 5 reels. Khrysos was a god of wealth and riches who was referred to as a son of Zeus. As he's known for great wealth, it's not surprising to learn this game has three jackpots and incredibly generous payouts from the paytable.

What Symbols Lead to Payouts?

Symbols include the poker symbols Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. There is the Serpent, the Cyclops, a warrior, Khyrsos, and a Goddess, who is the game's wild symbol. What are the payouts? Here's a sampling based on a $20 total bet.

  • Three Jacks - $6
  • Three Kings or Three Aces - $7
  • Four Aces - $18
  • Three Serpents - $54

The Wild Goddess delivers one of the game's bonus features. In Khrysos Gold, every time she appears, she slips one place down the reel she's on and grants a re-spin with each "slip." This bonus feature continues until she falls off the game grid.

In addition to being a slippery wild, she's also a morphing wild. She may morph to fill other spaces and add to the number of slippery wild re-spins you gain. Expect to win a bundle with her help.

There Are Free Spins, Too

Three or more Free Spins scatters trigger the free spins bonus round. With three Free Spins scatters, you get 5 free spins. The other bonus features remain active for the free spins.

Win One of Three Jackpots

At the top of the reels is a Gold Coin Meter, the Jackpot Bonus Game begins when you fill that meter. Get three re-spins. Add more gold coins to the reels. If you do, the re-spins counter resets to three. Keep going until you fill the entire grid or run out of re-spins. Slot game winners stand to gain a lot of cash with these three jackpots (Minor, Major, and Grand).

Win free spins and a jackpot bonus game where you fill the reels with coins. Even if you don't succeed in that task, the Gold Coins on the screen can be worth hundreds of dollars, depending on your bet, so you'll still end up with plenty of riches thanks to Khrysos.

How much can you win with the jackpots? As an example, the Minor may be worth several hundred. The Major Jackpot can be worth a few thousand. Grand Jackpots are often worth more than $5,000. What could you do with the cash you win? Just imagine! Play Khrysos Gold slots and let the god share his riches with you.