Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slots

Slot title software developer Net Entertainment (NetEnt) expands its casino game collection once more with the introduction of a title that will take you to the wild and deep jungle. The name of this brand new slot title delight is Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slots.

The dense jungle awaits you, and hidden deep within it, you will find big rewards that could be truly life changing. The green colors of the jungle will blend perfectly with the green colors of paper cash piles. These cash piles, and the exciting adventures to get them, are now available for you to enjoy at online gambling platforms. Try Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slots now on any NetEnt software driven casino platform on the web, and discover the wealthy nature explorer in yourself.

This video slot game has five slot reels, three rows and a couple of attractive features like for example the butterfly boost, the symbol expansion feature and free spins. It can be played as a free version if you like to do practice or fun runs that have no consequences for your bankroll. However, it is of course highly recommended that you place a few cash wagers on spin outcomes when you have a strong desire to win real profits.

What to See and Where to Click

Net Entertainment is no amateur when it comes to designing a compelling online slot machine game. The newest contribution to their extensive casino entertainment collection is a beautiful looking title with sharp graphics, detailed and realistic design elements, rich colors and lively animations. Together with the trilling soundtrack and matching sounds, this is a game that really manages to bring the dense, dangerous and mysterious jungle to your slot game screen.

For example, the tension really rises due to the constant drum beating sounds. Furthermore, you will also hear screams from the jungle's many exotic inhabitants. And in the wild, these screams are often used to alarm other animals about the presence of a dangerous predator that roams around in the dense vegetation.

So always be on your guard, because the jungle is a place that will confront you with many dangerous situations. However, it also offers you a lot of great opportunities. So you're still advised to take the risk of getting deeper into the jungle, because it is there that you will find the biggest rewards. And if you don't find them, then you will still go home with a wealthy mind full of memories thanks to the many unforgettable nature adventures that you experienced during the spinning sessions.

Besides its atmospheric sound elements and its visual beauty, this slot title is also compelling in its straightforward and convenient display of all the game adjustment buttons. It will not take much time or efforts to figure out how to set your preferred bets and spin the reels like you want to. All the available buttons are on the bottom of the screen. On the leftmost side, you see the 'i' button. This is the button that leads you to a payout table overview of the game. This pay table displays symbol payouts, and it further explains some of the prominent features in the game. Next to the 'i', you will see the bet value display. You can adjust the bet value via the 'level' display function that is positioned next to it. Click on the arrows to change the level from one to five. The bet values per level are 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 respectively.

The middle section of the game adjustment button display consists of the 'autoplay' button, the spin option and the 'max bet' function. 'Autoplay' can be used if you prefer to watch instead of to click. Select the option and sit back while the game does your spinning work on autopilot. The spin button is of course used to set the reels in motion, and the 'max bet' function makes it possible to place the highest bet with just one click.

On the rightmost side of the screen, you will find the 'coin value' option. This element gives you a choice to decide between the values of $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50 and $1.00. The 'coins' display next to the value adjuster shows your total amount of coins. This amount changes according to how you adjust the value of the coins.

Additionally, a small row under the main game screen shows some extra information about the game like for example the win amount and the total amount of cash that you have. On this row, you will also see the display of the '?' icon. Click on it and it will lead you to a screen that displays some of the game rules. Other options on the row are the sound adjustment slider, the automatic play options function, and a general options logo that further helps you set your game preferences.

Money Talks in the Symbol Expansion Feature

The jungle is a lively place where you can constantly hear chitters and chatters from all kinds of animals. However, in this jungle themed slot game, you will also hear the money talk when you trigger the symbol expansion element. Butterflies are able to mark all the reel attributes, with a scatter icon being the only exception. Marked attributes are blessed when they also simultaneously belong to a winning symbol combination, because the markings will then trigger an expansion that will completely cover the reel. You are able to trigger this feature in the main game but also during the free spins round.

Randomly Trigger the Butterfly Boost Feature

Lady luck is going to be on your side during the exciting butterfly boost feature. This feature can be triggered randomly in any main game session. Once it is active, the butterflies start to fly on the screen. They will then trigger the expansion of one, two or three reel attributes that belong to a guaranteed successful symbol combination. Expanded slot attributes will take over their complete reel.

Winning Becomes Easy When You Play With 1024 Bet Ways

The real fun begins with the appearance of scatter symbols on the slot reels. Enter the complimentary spins round in which there are no less than 1024 ways to win. The reason that there are so many extra ways to win during this round is because of the fact that this feature is being played with an additional fourth row on the reels. To trigger the free spins round, you need to spin between three to five scatter flowers on any reel spot during the main game. Four to five scattered flower hits are the best outcome, because then you will receive a special coin prize with a value of 15 to 50 times the cash wager respectively.

Free Spins That Cost Nothing but Give a Lot

While playing, you are able to pick one of the five available complimentary spins options. Each of these options provides a certain number of extra spins, and they all have their own medium win symbol. The free spins features are matched to various jungle animals, and you have to pick one of them so it is important to make the right decision in order to gain the most out of your free spins session.

Available animal choices are the premier and most powerful inhabitants of the jungle. They are the tiger, the elephant, the bear, the crocodile and the snake. If you're aiming to gain the highest profits, then it is wise to choose an option with only a few complimentary spins. The risk is higher with such an option, but so is the win potential.

Medium Win Symbols Are the Money Making Titans of the Jungle

The medium win symbols are the highest paying icons in the game. As mentioned before, they are the tiger, the elephant, the bear, the crocodile and the snake. The tiger is the real king of the jungle and the payouts in this game as it gives you a 150 credit payout in exchange for 5 hits on the screen. The elephant is next in line with a top payout of 100 credits. A top prize of 80 credits is reserved for the bear, and 70 credits can be won with 5 crocodile hits. Lastly, there is the snake symbol with a top payout of 60 credits.

Collect Low Win Symbols to Earn a Few Extra Bucks

The remaining symbols on the reels are low paying icons. They are high card game icons who are designed in a jungle themed fashion. The A, the K, the Q, the J and the 10 will al pay you a top five slot reel hit prize of 30 casino credits.

How to Win During Spinning Sessions

In order to win prizes, you need to land matching attributes on the reels. These attributes need to land on at least three adjacent slot reels, and they need to form rows of at least three matching symbols. Also, profit making symbol combinations always start on the leftmost reel, and they end at a reel on the right side. While spinning, keep in mind that you only receive payouts from the longest corresponding symbol combinations.

NetEnt's Thoughts About Its New Game Release

In his response to the company's new online slot machine game release, NetEnt's chief product officer Simon Hammon commented that Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slots will provide a real treat to the senses. He also mentioned the special Butterfly boost feature, because it is a new and fun way to trigger big wins.

Answer to the Call of the Wild

Net Entertainment is a premier game developer, and it proves its high standard approach once again with Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild Slots. This is a beautifully designed online slot machine game that provides a dense betting experience with its many special features and prize winning opportunities. Just like in the real jungle, there is always a new surprise behind the next bush or tree.

All in all, this game is a dream come true for courageous jungle explorers and dedicated treasure hunters alike. Will you be able to survive in the dangerous jungle and claim the cash rewards that come with the adventure? Listen to the call of the wild and you will soon get an answer to that very important question.