Football: Champions Cup Slots

The graphics and action come together in this stellar sports-themed video slot. Whether you're in the U.S. and refer to the game as soccer or live elsewhere and know it as football, you want to play this game.

It all starts with the choice you make. Which football team do you support? Would you like to back Australia or Spain? Not sure? Let the computer pick. From here, select your wager. Bet up to 10 credits on the 20 pay lines. Coin values range from a penny to 50 cents.

What You Can Win in the Base Game

The wilds pay the most, but the red shield with the player is second best with payouts of 40 to 1,000 coins. The shirt, cleat, and glove follow with prizes of as much as 750, 500, and 300 respectively. The whistle pays up to 250 coins.

The final symbols in the game are poker symbols 10 through A. The 10 is the lowest paying with a top prize of 100 coins. The J, Q, and K pay up to 120, 150, and 175 respectively. Finally, the A pays up to 200 coins.

How to Play the Penalty Kickout Game

Three bonus symbols trigger the bonus game. In this game, you alternate play as the kicker and the goalie. Shoot the ball into the goal and win cash. On the next turn, you're the goalie and need to block the shot. Keep going through multiple rounds and build up your winnings and multipliers.

What Are Overlay Wilds?

From time to time in the base game, overlay wilds may bounce around the screen and land on symbols. Those symbols get replaced with the overlay wilds. They can end up helping form better winning combinations.

By themselves, the soccer ball wilds in Football: Champions Cup slots pay up to 2,000 coins. They have a gold banner in the base game. In the free spins, there are blue and red wild soccer balls that help teams score points and work through the tournament brackets.

How to Play the Free Spins Tournament

Here's where the game gets really interesting. You've probably seen or participated in a football championship pick 'em. You get the grid of all competing teams from the playoffs to the finals. You get five free spins with the first bracket. Teams score when you get red or blue wild soccer balls. You want your team to do well. If there's a tie, additional free spins help with the tiebreaker.

If you make it from the playoffs to semi-finals, you get more free spins and keep building cash. The round ends when your team loses or completes the finals. If you're the team that wins the final round, you get a cash prize of 100,000 coins plus the winnings you gained in all the free spins.

There's a lot to Football: Champions Cup slots. With the different bonuses and special features, it's easy to find this game climbing to the very top of your favorites' list. Play today.