Cyberpunk City Slots

Head into a futuristic world with cyborgs, robots, and so much neon. The artistic design does a great job setting up the sci-fi feel. You're in a rainy Asian city where money is everything. Cyberpunk City slots is worth the closer look.

First Impressions

The music is very techno and doesn't take over the experience. You have control of it if you want to turn it off. What does stand out are the neon colors and vivid characters. They look like they've walked off the pages of your favorite graphic novel.

Due to the intuitive game design in Cyberpunk City, if you like faster reels, the game senses it. If you're spinning rapidly, a message pops up asking if you'd like to speed up the reels. Click “yes” and away you go. Turn on autoplay if you really want to let the game take control.

Check Out the Paytable

You're not going to get rich from the lower tier on the paytable. On a $5 wager, the 9, 10, Jack, and Queen symbols pay $1.25 for three matches, $2.50 (9 and 10) or $3.75 (Jack and Queen) for four matches, or $25 for all five. The King and Ace pay $1.25, $5, or $31.25. In our experience, we were not getting many winning combinations.

From here, things pick up. The cyberpunks pay $2.50 to $37.50 (yellow), $3.75 to $50 (purple), $10 to $125 (blue), or $12.50 to $625 (green).

There are three wilds. The red wild symbol is found on any reel and triples your winnings. The cyborg is found on the third reel and is an expanding wild. There's also a random wild that may appear at any moment and help you gain vast wealth. There is the potential to win 40,000 times your per line wager.

What Do the Bonus Features Include?

The “Cyber” and “Punk” logos are also found on the first and fifth reels. If the reels stop and each symbol is on its reel, you win 10 free spins in the bonus round. Free spins come with a 3x multiplier and the chance to retrigger them.

There's a Random Progressive Jackpot, Too

The symbol you most want to see is the female cyberpunk with the purple hair. She's the key to the randomly awarded progressive jackpot. How much can you win? It varies, but at the time of this writing, you were looking at over $75,000.

Basic Things to Know About the Game

The basic facts about the sci-fi slot game are:

  • Slot Game Developer - Bovada
  • Slot Game Type – 5 reel, random progressive jackpot, free spins
  • Paylines – 20
  • Betting Options – Fixed bet of 20 cents to $200
  • Theme – Sci-Fi/Futuristic
  • Game RTP – Unknown
  • Slot Game Rating – Has a 10 on the Popularity Scale

Demo play is available. Play this slot online or using mobile play for an Android or iOS device. While play for fun is a popular option, it's just as easy to click one button and switch so that you play for real money. Spin the reels. You could be the next name on the progressive jackpot slot game winners list! It's only possible if you play Cyberpunk City slots.