Balloonies Slots

Have you ever come across any balloons in your slot-playing time online? We didn’t think so… but all that is about to change with Balloonies!

This is a fun slot that focuses on a variety of balloon animals. You may not be able to create them in real life, but here they are shown in a range of colors and are quite cute to find. They might also win you some prizes, as you’re about to see.

Which combination of reels and paylines can be found in this game?

This game offers up a collection of 20 paylines and five reels for you to play with.

What can you bet on the paylines?

You can start with as little as a cent on each of those paylines, making a small 20-cent bet all in all. However, you might also increase that to the maximum overall bet of $60, which means playing $3 per line.

Does the Balloonies slot have any special symbols?

The spiky hedgehog is the wild and stands in for everything else you see apart from the bonus balloon and the star. The star balloon is worth getting because it is a multiplier balloon. This means it can give you a 2x, 3x or 5x multiplier – and if you get more than one, the multipliers are added together!

Can you unlock a bonus level on another screen?

Yes, you need three of the bonus balloons to get access to the free spins bonus built into this game. You just have to pop one of the balloons you see on the screen to try this out. This reveals how many spins you have won.

You will also enjoy the Floating Reels feature whenever you get a winning line, whether you are in the free spins round or the main game. The balloons that formed your winning combination will pop and disappear, moving everything else up in those columns. When this happens, you then get new balloons taking their place. This can continue for as long as you can form new winning lines.

Download and play the Balloonies slot today!

We really enjoyed playing this slot, particularly as it has a couple of new features we haven’t see elsewhere. The cartoonish theme works well and we think it will soon be a big winner among all kinds of players. Will you be among the lucky winners who give it a try?