Ultimate Dream Team Slots

A new slot release is always worth a look, and this one definitely will be if you happen to be a fan of football. Push Gaming has come up with a nice-looking game featuring lots of different players. The question is whether you can pick the highest-paying lines to appear on the reels as you try and win the top prizes.

Which combination of reels and paylines can be found in this game?

You have 25 lines to bet on, and these are arranged over a total of five reels.

What can you bet on the paylines?

There is a huge gap between the cheapest and most expensive bet here. You can start with 25 cents (you have to bet on all the lines) and go all the way up to $250 for the lot if you like.

Does Ultimate Dream Team have any special symbols?

The wild is a gold-starred football, and this can bring you 800x your bet if you get five on a line. Meanwhile, you can also unlock a football shirt symbol and a manager symbol, both of which have special powers.

Can you unlock a bonus level on another screen?

Can you find three of the shirts on the reels as you play? They may only appear on odd-numbered reels, but if you do get three of them, you will win entry into the Reveal a Star free spins feature. This brings five free spins and the chance to turn extra shirts into other symbols to increase the chances of winning more prizes.

The manager may also appear if you are lucky, and if three managers turn up on the reels, you will gain entry into the Dream Team feature. In this round, there are 12 positions to be filled on a team sheet. The idea is to fill them and gain prizes while avoiding being given a yellow card. Two yellow cards mean you will be sent off, and the bonus round will end. Try and fill the entire sheet to find the Star Man who can multiply your prize by three.

Download and play Ultimate Dream Team today!

Will your Ultimate Dream Team be put together in the bonus round? There is only one way to find out whether this will happen, and that is to make sure you play this amazing new slot game today. It could be a real goal-winner for you!