Mega Glam Life Slots

You’re on a yacht. The pool on the deck is incredibly inviting. Mega Glam Life Jackpot Slots is here to make you feel like one of the elite. With wild symbols able to appear on all five reels, scatters that reward you with free spins, and a money wheel jackpot that contains three levels, you’re going to love this video slot. Mega Glam Jackpot Slots has 20 paylines in all, and you can bet up to five coins per line. Coin values range from 2 cents to $1, so there’s a lot of leeway in how much you wager.

Symbols and Pays in Mega Glam Life

The diamond encrusted poker symbols are pretty impressive with values ranging from 25 to 1,000 coins. Next up are the bottle of champagne, the expensive watch, the sports car, and the private yacht. While the champagne and watch are worth as much as 1,500 and 2,500 respectively. It’s the car and yacht that will really have you reaping rewards with top payouts of 5,000 and 7,500 respectively.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see the wild jet appear on the reels. When jets appear five times on a line, you win an impressive 25,000 prize. It also serves as the means to get free respins during free spin rounds.

Free Spins

A trio of palm tree scatters leads to a handful of free spins, 8 in all. With 4, you get a dozen free spins, and 5 leads to an impressive 16 free spins, all with a 3x multiplier. During these free games, each time a scatter appears, your multiplier increases or you get another 3 free spins. The maximum possible multiplier is 10x.

Three Jackpots

Why play a game with one jackpot when you can have three? Mega Glam Jackpot has Big, Huge, and Mega jackpots. All three jackpots vary, but don’t be surprised to find the Big Jackpot in the hundreds, the Huge Jackpot in the thousands, and the Mega Jackpot worth hundreds of thousands.

To win the jackpot, you need three Money Wheel bonus symbols. When this happens, spin the money wheel and see how much you win. It could be one of the three jackpots or mystery cash prize.

There is plenty of cash waiting when you play Mega Glam Jackpot slots. Don’t wait. Play this video bonus slot today and cross your fingers that you’ll be the lucky winner of one of the three impressive jackpots.