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Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots

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Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots
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Max Quest: Wrath of Ra slots is not truly a slot game. It's an adventure-themed shooter. Successful shooting gets you the cash. If you run out of bullets, you can bet again and continue or stop playing.

Start by choosing a room to play in. Game rooms determine the cost per bullet. There are some rooms where bullets are a penny others have higher per-bullet pricing. Start in the penny room or play for fun at first. You'll be able to get used to the controls and the weaponry without risking much.

A Few Basic Rules

You use your mouse to aim and shoot. Right-click to aim and left click to shoot. Hold the left button to rapid fire.

All bullets will hit a target or get returned to you. You cannot waste bullets in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Successful shots do deduct one from the number of bullets you purchased.

When you shoot and kill an enemy, you get a prize. You might get cash, a new weapon, or an Ancient Egyptian treasure.

Gain Better Weapons With Your Success

Weapons include the standard pistol, shotgun, grenades, machine gun, laser, and plasma rifle. The pistol is the least powerful and it increases from there.

When you shoot a target, you might get a new gun. That gun lasts until you're out of ammo. Killing a boss delivers a huge treasure chest that is full of bullets and cash. You can also purchase better guns as you win prizes in the casino game.

As you play, earn experience points. Those points are tracked over a leaderboard. When you're a top player, you compete for a treasure chest each week. There are also quests, up to 25 at a time, that help you get additional experience points.

Targets and Prizes Within the Game

You have different scarabs. The Hatchling is green and pays 2x to 50x. The purplish Shadow Scarab and Golden Tomb Scrabbler pay the same as the Hatchling. The last of the scarabs are the Ruby Crypt Watchers that pay 3x to 60x.

Mummies are next. They range from 5x to 100x for the Minion, Shadowguard, and Spiritguard to 7x to 150x for the Tahawy Warrior. Finally the two Bataanta's pay 10x to 200x.

After those, you get into the bigger enemies. They are harder to kill, but they pay better. Risen Fire Scarabs pay 50x to 2,000x. The Risen Fire Mummy pays 75x to 5,000x. Gods also offer weaponry prizes of up to 1,000x.

You Don't Always Play Alone

You're playing in a room. Some rooms are empty, but others can join in. You'll be competing against other players, so turn on rapid fire and auto-aim and try to get the bigger enemies before your opponents. In general, your goal is shot the biggest enemies, collect treasures and weapons, and do it faster than your opponent.

This is a different casino game, but it's pretty addicting. Play Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots now and collect as many experience points as possible.


Type5-reel, bonus, video
Coins per lineup to 500
Coin size$0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25
SymbolsCrimson Bataanta, Emerald Bataanta, Golden Tomb Scrabbler, Risen Fire Mummy, Risen Fire Scarab, Scarab Hatchling, Shadow Scarab, Tahawy Warrior, Wrapped Minion, Wrapped Shadowguard, Wrapped Spiritguard
Bonus roundThe God have risen Prizes
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