Dragon's Cave Slots

The first thing about Dragon’s Cave that will undeniably grab your attention is the way the game looks. The animation is smooth and detailed enough to make you think for a moment you are watching an animated fantasy action TV series, especially when you see the muscular sword-wielding protagonist, the ferocious scarlet dragon and the vast mountainous landscape. The contents are equally, if not more so impressive on their own terms-the set of 5 reels and 9 paylines will deliver bonus games, profitable symbols, among which the most memorable one is certainly the wild and a Mystery Jackpot is the cherry on top.

The Symbols of the Dragon

The wild symbol in this game is very special since it has four separate effects-“sticky”, “stacked”, “walking” and “expanding”. Sticky wilds will come to your aid in the battle with the dragon if you manage to get on the reels two scatter symbols. When that happens the great fire-spitting beast will be forced to set the reels ablaze and transform three randomly selected symbols into sticky wilds, which will remain on the exact same position on the reels for three consecutive free spins. Obviously every time new symbols around them come in, there will be new chances for winning combinations and all the earnings out of that effect will be yours with an added multiplier of 3. Stacked wilds as well as expanding wilds can be acquired through the specific Dragon’s Gem symbol. 3 of the gems will give you 2 stacked wilds, 6 will grant 3 stacked wilds and 9 will provide a single expanding wild. Both of these can be acquired through the game’s free spins. The walking wild is a wild symbol which lands on the reels during free spins and awards a new spin of the reels by moving to the left of its original position. The multiplier of 3 is added here as well. As far as the free spins go, the rules are simple and well-known: three scatter symbols unlock the free spins.

The Cave and the Sword

Another bonus feature activating symbol is in fact the Treasure Chest. If the gambler has three of those invaluable containers of hidden surprises, he or she will be able to enter one of the two bonus rounds of Dragon’s Cave. The eponymous bonus round will take you to the depths of a cave where the coveted treasure lies and form where you will have to try to steal it. Obviously the game is over when you wake up the dragon but as long as it isn’t you will be able to claim the awards in its lair. The Sword Bonus involves seven different stones and the ripped main character will have to lift for you the stones and claim their hidden awards for you. And of course, let’s not forget mentioning the game’s jackpot-the Mystery Progressive Jackpot which will be awarded on a random principle to a player that is online at the moment that the jackpot reached 10 000 dollars.

The dragons have reached and conquered the slot game genre too and for that you will be very grateful, as a potential gambling fan, especially when Dragon’s Cave Slots’ mixture of visual wonders and financial ones kicks in and makes you the happiest player online.