Kawaii Kitty Slots

Betsoft has delivered very reliable slot games over the past few years. They’ve now delivered yet another good title – brand new out at the moment – by the name of Kawaii Kitty.

It’s themed with cats, of course, and the white cat that watches over the reels has quite a cute look about it. Just wait until you see all the treats that pop up on the reels themselves…

Reels and paylines

The game presents with five reels in action, and there are 10 lines for you to bet on as you play.

Betting options

While the coin value depicted when the game loads is 10 cents, you can take this all the way down to two cents a time. Not quite a penny slot, then, but close. You can also go to a maximum dollar bet per line. Mind you, there is a bet level indicator too, allowing you to play anything up to 10 credits on each of those 10 lines.

Any special Kawaii Kitty symbols?

Yes, you can watch for a wild symbol, which is shown as two balls of yarn. If this should appear anywhere on the second, third or fourth reel, sit back and watch as the two balls of yarn separate from each other. They will then knit a wild message on that reel, taking up the entire space.

The wild expanding reel then stays in place for a free re-spin. This can deliver some nice wins, especially because the game can pay out from right to left as well as left to right. You only get one payout per line per spin, but the highest one in place will always be the winner. How cool is that?

Does the game provide any bonus features?

No, you don’t get any normal free spins or bonus features here. However, thanks to the two ways pays feature, if you should get five on a line of any symbol, they will pay out twice. This little perk is a nice feature and something worth looking for.

Download and play Kawaii Kitty slots today!

The game itself has been nicely designed – but then you’d expect that from Betsoft. The best part is the simplicity of it, with the ever-present chance of free re-spins. As such, it packs in plenty of opportunities to win prizes of all kinds as you start playing Kawaii Kitty.