Animal Arcade Slots

Don't think of Animal Arcade slots as a slot game. Think of the game design as Roulette with animal symbols instead of colors and numbers. While you play, elevator music plays in the background. The game itself has sounds that take you back to the video arcade games of the '80s with jingling coins and computerized beeps as the stopper slows down.

The game features eight animals and a rectangular ring that fits 24 animal symbols. Place a bet on as many animals as you want and push spin. A stopper quickly moves around the board and comes to a stop on one of the animals. You win the prize associated with that animal. You might also win one of two bonus features. Let's look at the paytable first.

The Eight Animals That Form the Paytable

You have eight animals shown across the bottom of the screen. Bet 50 cents to $10 (in increments of 50 cents) on as many animals as you choose. At most, you can risk $80 per spin with a $10 bet on each of the eight animals. The animals and potential payouts are:

  • Eagle – 5x
  • Snake – 10x
  • Rhino – 15x
  • Panda – 20x
  • Gorilla – 20x
  • Lion – 30x
  • Elephant 40x
  • Tiger – 100x

Some of the animals on the board have a 2x or 5x stamped on the bottom corner. If your stopper lands here, you win that multiplier instead of the animal's paytable prize.

As stated, there are 24 animals on the board. Some appear more often than others. The eagle appears five times while the snake, rhino, and panda each appear three times. The gorilla, lion, and elephant each appear twice. All of those animals have a 2x multiplier attached to one of their appearances. This leaves the tiger that takes up two spaces, but one is a 5x tiger.

Two Bonus Features Offer Free Spins

The remaining two symbols on the ring in Animal Arcade are a “Free Spin” and a “Double Win.” These are the game's two bonus rounds.

With Free Spin, you get one free spin with the stopper starting on the free spin space. Double Win gives you two stoppers with one free spin. One stopper moves in a clockwise direction and the other moves in a counter-clockwise direction. You win two prizes in a matter of seconds with this re-spin bonus.

Slot game winners can win up to $2,000 if they've bet $10 on the tiger and get the tiger both times during the Double Win bonus round. Otherwise, the highest payout is $1,000.

About the Game

Try Animal Arcade slots out with demo play. When you want to play for real money instead of the demo play for fun option, a quick button click is all it takes to make the change. Here's a basic breakdown of facts to know about the game.

  • Slot Game Developer: Arrow's Edge
  • Theme: Animals
  • Slot Game Type: Roulette-style bonus slot with free spins
  • Paylines: Not applicable
  • Betting Options: 50 cents to $10 per animal for a max bet of $80
  • Slot Game RTP: 94.35% on a minimum bet or 94.99% on a max bet for an average of 94.39%

It's hard not to get hooked in Animal Arcade slots. The game is so easy to play. Place your bets and spin or turn on autoplay. You win with each spin, and we found that the higher payouts hit regularly. Within 20 spins, we'd won the highest prize of $1,000 and had several other $200 payouts mixed in. We think most will give it a high slot game rating for that reason.

The animal-themed slot game is available for mobile play on any Android, iOS, or other smartphone or tablet with internet connectivity. Make sure you claim a casino bonus before you play Animal Arcade.