Rockstar Slots

Playing Rock Star Slots was a new experience for me. Not the slot playing, but trying to get into this whole rock star thing. I must confess I am more subdued when it comes to my music; I prefer classical and pop. But something has to be said for this particular slot game (whether or not I can stand the noise) that makes it one of the best paying slots in the 3D genre. Although not generous as other 3D slots with bonus features, the bonus round in this game stands out because it is an interactive bonus round. This is the first time I’ve played a 3D slot with a bonus round in which my hand-eye coordination determined how much money I could win. I must say, however, I did pretty good with over 3000 coins won. What makes Rock Star Slots so popular is the theme. But more than the theme is the array of band members that jump off the screen in a kaleidoscope of color and syncopation. So if you are a rock fan – Rock Star Slots is right up your alley. With wild multipliers, the interactive bonus round, and the infamous Epic Solo bonus feature – Rock Star Slots is one of the most lucrative slots I’ve played. With a fiery guitar as the spin button, I am sure you will want to play Rock Star Slots whether or not you are a fan. I highly recommend Rock Star Slots for its imaginative graphics, animations, sounds, and special bonus features. But, before I completely end this review, I should reveal that I happen to like Gene Simmons. Not the band, mind you, but the man. Now that I have clear that up, play Rock Star Slots with the sound on or off – you’ll still come out a winner.