Cleopatra Slots Tournament at Drake Casino

Drake Casino has just commenced its fabulous $50,000 Cleopatra’s Slots Tournament, which began on May 1. The end date for this tournament is May 25. As you know, Cleopatra Slots are the most popular of all online slots, and this is Cleo tournament will please even the most discerning online player. Open to US players, we invite you to join Drake Casino and enter this most prestigious slots tournament today.

Tournament Facts

The Buy In for Cleopatra’s $50,000 Slots Tournament is $5.00 with a Rebuy fee of $5. The amount of entry chips is $100, and the amount of rebuy chips is $5. There is a maximum number of rebuys set at 1000 with a maximum rebuy balance of $10.00. Enter and join Drake Casino today.

$5000 Welcome Bonus Promotion

Join Drake Casino and earn $5000 as a Welcome Bonus. The breakdown is as follows: A 100% match bonus up to $2000 on the first deposit; a 100% match bonus up to $1000 on the second deposit; and a 100% match bonus up to $2000 on the third deposit.