RTG to Release Orc vs. Elf 3D Slot

Orc vs. Elf 3D Slot RTG has announced their entrance into the 3D gaming market in a big way by presenting Orc vs. Elf, the first title in what could be a line of 3D games by the manufacturer. The game transports players into the land of Middle Earth and the battle between the orcs and elves. Gamers must choose one side of the other and how the game plays is determined by which path the player chooses, making it one of the most interactive slots games to date.

A Game Changer in 3D Slots

This game features some of the most cutting edge graphics in slot gaming. Not only are the 3D graphics top notch, Orc vs. Elf is the first 3D slot game to implement a wide screen enhancement to upgrade the experience. Players must be aware that because of the high level of animation and video quality in this game, it is a very large download. At 341mb to download, players with bandwidth limitations may have difficulties downloading this game.

High Level of Player Interaction

A player must choose an Elf or an Orc as an avatar for the length of the game; this choice will determine the outcome of the game in significant ways. The choice of character first determines which trail the player will follow for the course of the game. Players who choose Orc will follow the trail to Orcholme; a player that chooses Elf will follow the trail of to the Citadel of Elveros. Each trail incorporates seven features that the player will encounter along the way. Players can accept the feature or move on past the feature, but may go back and play the it until they encounter the next feature in the progression of the game.

Battle Bonus to Victory

As gamers play Orc vs. Elf they will also find the Battle Bonus Feature which is triggered when the bonus symbols appear in the second, third, and fourth reels of this five reel game. If the player wins the battle as an Orc, it triggers the Goblin’s Gold Feature. If the gamer is playing as an Elf and wins the battle, it triggers the Woodland Spins Feature. In either case, if the player loses the battle they are still awarded a bonus of 2X to 10X their original bet. As players find the bonus rounds, the victories and losses are tallied until the Orcs or the Elves win three Battle Bonuses, which causes a Victory award to be triggered.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

Gamers playing as Orcs will win the Orc Victory awards. Orc Onslaught Feature is triggered if the Orcs win by a score of three rounds to none; when Orcs win 3-1 it triggers the Giants Spins Feature, and a 3-2 victory awards the Orc Army Feature. If a player loses the Bonus Battle at any score as an Orc, they receive the Hobgoblin Feature. Playing as Elves and winning the Battle Bonus means receiving an Elf Victory Award. The Elf King Feature is triggered when the elves win 3-0, when elves win 3-1 it awards the Archmage Feature, and a 3-2 elf victory triggers the Huntsman’s Feature. If a player loses the Battle Bonus round as an elf, whatever the score, they receive Elf Magi Feature.

Orc vs. Elf is one of the interactive slots to be released to date, giving players a greater choice in their gaming experience. The graphics and animation are also some of the best in the online slots industry, and is expected to be released sometime in December of 2013.