Casper Games Casino


As you can probably guess, Casper games do things a little differently. For example, instead of a regular welcome bonus, users are greeted with a mystery chest to open for 500 free spins on Starbursts. The website has a spooky ghost theme and some of the most immersive graphics that you will ever see on a homepage. The graveyard is pretty freighting and it seems like it goes on forever into the backdrop. Watch as ghosts hover in the graveyard right around your welcome bonus. Or venture further down and be met with three gravestones bearing some very important information. Head their advice carefully before continuing on. Ok. Casper's games Casino definitely passes the vibe check. It even has a pretty enticing welcome bonus for those looking for some free spins, but what else does it offer?

Casper games Casino's bottom line and bottomless pit of games

Another thing you should be aware of, and Casper Games casino should be credited for is the fact that they put their bottom line on the front page. They let you know almost immediately that you must make a minimum deposit of over $11 dollars to play. The site even goes the extra mile by putting on the accepted forms of payment at the bottom of the page so there is no question about what is expected. Just below that you get access to their gaming collection, which includes quite a few gems. Casper's games casino offers a unique selection of games, including AquaNauts, Big Bass Splash, Bronco spirit, Eye of Horus, and Big Bass Bonanza. You can reach their entire library by clicking all games at the top right corner of the page. This sorts the games by category to make it easier to find something to play. Use this feature if the offering on the front page isn't to your liking.

Casper games casino no deposit bonus codes

Unfortunately for anyone looking for a jackpot of no deposit bonus codes, you're not going to find it at Casper Games casino. Apparently, the free spins bonus is all they are willing to give first-time players. It is worth noting that the bonus doesn't require a deposit and can be used to win up to 500 spins on one of the funniest casino games around. For those that are probably going to sign up anyway, check out their promotions deal to see if you can get more bang for your buck. While they don't have anything free, the site does have a lot of interesting contests every month to win free spins and other prizes. Check those out for more information!

Final thoughts on Casper games Casino.

The theme is cute and shows that a lot of effort was used in the design of this casino. They also have a wide selection of over 500+ slot machine games, casino games, and bingo! The only real problem with the casino is its lack of commitment to the theme. They start off so well with the graveyard and the free spins but don't go beyond that. The game selection doesn't even reflect a particular spooky theme to it. Several key horror-themed slot machine games are also missing. With that being said, this is going to be one of those judgment-call kinds of things. If you want to take a chance on the free spins, give it a shot! See what you could win. On the other hand, there are other sites that are willing to offer you a lot more than that.