Demo Slots And Real Time Slots

About 4.2 billion players worldwide gamble at least once a year, bringing in around $306.5 billion in revenues for the U.S. online gambling market. Slots are the most popular online casino game with 48% of people playing online slots, while 16% report playing Blackjack and 6% play online poker.

Whether you're playing online slots in an instant play casino or through mobile play for Android and iOS, you'll have a choice between demo slots and real time slots. What does this mean and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each option?

What Are the Differences Between Demo Slots and Real Time Slots?

What are demo slots? These are free play (aka demo mode or fun play) versions of online slot games. Play for free using play money. How much play money is offered depends on the casino. Many will give you $1,000 in fun money to use. If you run out, you can replenish it by refreshing the screen or asking for more.

Be aware that the occasional online casino will only allow you to play a slot game for a certain number of spins or minutes before it tells you you're out of time. At this time, choose another game or try logging out of the casino, if you're logged in.

Real time slots are slots you play with real wagers after you've redeemed a casino no deposit bonus code for free spins or free chips. Or, you can deposit funds with the cashier to play online slots for real money.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Demo Slots

Why would you ever want to play online slots using fun money? Isn't the whole point of playing online slots to win the jackpots and cash prizes? There's one big reason to play for fun, you get to learn the controls and pick out the games you find rewarding and those you don't.

Face it, some of the slots you play never seem to hit winning combinations. Getting enough scatters to trigger the bonus round is impossible. You've spent $200 in small wagers and still haven't had a win. That's the reason to play for fun. If you repeatedly play a demo slot and never win more than a few dollars, it's not a game you'd want to play for real money.

Use demo play slot games to explore the game's options, payouts, paytable, and bonus features. If you love it, mark it as a favorite. When you decide to play for real money, you're ready to go with a list of the games you found most rewarding.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Real Time Slots

Real time slots are the online casino games you play after visiting the casino cashier. Banking is essential if you want to play slots for real money. Deposit funds or claim a no deposit bonus and place real money wagers on the slots you've chosen using demo play.

You cannot win real money unless you play real time slots. It's the only way to win jackpots and cash. But, you never know when a winner will hit a progressive jackpot or bonus round. Casinos are required to use random number generators to guarantee fairness. You can't figure out patterns and predict when the next big win is due.

Be smart when it comes to playing for real money. Many slots allow you to minimize your coin value to as little as a penny. Don't aim for larger wagers. You'll be able to play more slots and play longer when you keep your wagers at a smaller level.

Another tip is to set a daily loss limit. If you've decided to stick to $25 a day, walk away from the casino once you've hit that limit. As tempting as it is to think that your next spin could be a big winner, you have no guarantees. Always stick to your daily limit.

Look for real money slots that are part of the Hot Drop Jackpots series. These games are guaranteed to have a jackpot winner every hour, every day, and before the jackpot reaches $250,000. These three jackpots ensure you have great odds of winning a lot of cash. Prizes on Hot Drop Jackpots tend to be:

  • Hourly Jackpot - Start at $1,000
  • Daily Jackpot - Averages $25,000 when won
  • Super Jackpot - Has to be won before reaching $250,000

Finally, take advantage of online casino promotions, but read the terms before you claim a bonus. That 300% welcome bonus may sound appealing until you learn that you have to meet a 50x wagering requirement. If you deposit $30 and get $90 free, you have $120 to play with. But, multiply that $120 by 50x. You'd have to wager $6,000 before you can withdraw your winnings. It may not seem as appealing when you realize that. Instead, look for casino bonuses with no rules or skip a casino bonus and you might get a no-rules cashback bonus instead.

Both demo slots and real time slots are worth your time. Pair them for the best experience at any online casino. Before you play, visit Best Paying Slots regularly for free chip and free spins bonus codes and to see what no rules bonuses are available today.