Bovada Casino Leaderboards

Bovada Casino doesn't mess around when it comes to tournaments. They offer dozens for every game imaginable. Find Blackjack tournaments and many that include favorite slots like A Night With Cleo Slots or Fast and Sexy.

Know the Rules

Read the rules before you join. If something is unclear, talk to customer service. To climb the leaderboards at Bovada, you will have terms and conditions to meet. For example, one slot tournament requires you to bet at least 2 cents and meet the spin requirements. If you don't spin the reels enough, you won't qualify. Free spins earned in the game do not count towards the spin requirements.

One thing to remember is that ties can happen. If you're tied with someone else on the leaderboard at Bovada, the win goes to the person to spin the reels the most or play the most hands. If that's also a tie, the person who first reached the top spot wins.

Track Your Points

Leaders in a tournament earn points for meeting certain criteria. In a slot tournament, you earn 5 points for winning a prize. If it's a win that gets you 10, 20, or 50 times your bet, you earn 10 to 25 points. You also get a point for every spin.

In a Blackjack tournament, you earn 2 points for hands that end in a push. A win gets you 5 points, but a Blackjack gets you the most at 10 points. If you split a hand, you can earn double the points if both hands win or push. You also get a point for meeting the minimum requirement for each hand you play.

How Much Can You Win?

Every tournament will break down the prizes. Click details to find out. Quick slot tournaments and Blackjack competitions generally pay $5 to $20 to the top three players. It may not seem like a lot of money, but these tournaments usually take a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

All That's Left is to Join the Leaderboards

To join a tournament and climb the Bovada Casino leaderboards, create your account. If you already have, you can head right to the Casino Leaderboards schedule. If you have to create an account, you'll do that first before depositing money. Check the promotions to view the welcome bonus. It may be worthwhile to claim some free cash with your first deposit.

Look for tournaments every day. There's a long list of options, and they're easy to join. Head to Bovada now to view the leaderboards and join matches.